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Posted by Jake Connolly on Aug 26, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Faith_guitars_3-1A new product is coming to the shores of the United States, and like similar British-based invasions this one is primed to make its indelible mark by energizing the guitar community and igniting interest far and wide.

Faith Guitars was created in 2002 by an exclusive group of veteran guitar experts and led by Master luthier Patrick James Eggle, is poised to begin distribution in the U.S. on October 1st.  Faith has been elected the UK’s “Best Acoustic Guitar” for the past three years because of the incredible craftsmanship, all solid wood construction, and attention to detail that produces incredible sound quality, great fit & finish and superior playability. All the things you’d expect from a world-renown luthier and a team of seasoned artisans.

Methodology and Materials

Faith Guitars is based in Shropshire England with satellite workshops located in West Java, Indonesia. Their dedicated commitment to both sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes embodies conscious environmental and human resource concerns. Each model guitar is produced in accordance with this vision and radiates the understated elegance of artisan craftsmanship and the superior tonal performance for which Patrick James Eggle's designs are known.

Staff members are trained in the hand-building and hand-finishing techniques that have characterized Patrick James Eggle guitars for decades and operate in climate controlled facilities. Material acquisitions are handled with the same attention to conservation; only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources are used.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Tonewood merchants with this certification in North America (U.S. and Canada) supply the Engelmann Spruce and Cedar timber that is used to create the top for each guitar, and Indonesian Mahogany is obtained through a merchant company who also carries this stamp of approval.

Additional tonewoods such as Rosewood, Trembesi, and Ebony are locally sourced through government approved suppliers, reducing the travel time required before the final drying and maturing process takes place. Although the use of traditional hide glue used to affix the fingerboard means that they do not claim to be Vegan friendly, it does mean that each guitar will offer superior construction.


Models and Series

With seven distinctive series and six responsive shapes, players have a plethora of options to choose from; each with its own characteristic sound.

The shapes, aligned with the planets in terms of body size are designated as:

  • Mercury—short-scale Parlor model (several models feature unique scoop to reach higher notes)
  • Venus—Faith’s iconic shape Auditorium size with 15” lower bout and slimmer depth
  • Mars—features a classic Drop (slope) shoulder dreadnought design and is based on Eggle’s “Kanuga” model
  • Jupiter—Jumbo, traditional 17” body
  • Saturn—Dreadnought design, square shouldered; a classic favorite
  • Neptune—Baby jumbo, 16” lower bout delivering the power of a jumbo without the bulk

Faith Guitars are further classified by the series woods & finishes and functionality they exhibit. Players can choose straight acoustics or electro-acoustic (electronics by Shadow) guitars that resonate with subtle, yet exceptional nuances in both appearance and sound. All models above the entry level include a matching hardcase to protect your guitar during travel.

Solid wood Macassar ebony is used on fingerboards, headplates, heelplates, and heelcaps, and exquisite lacquering techniques are employed to create stunning finishes and specific tonal qualities. Highlights include:

  • The Classic Burst Series has a tonal character that is rich, warm, and full, with a delicate finish that showcases the three-tone burst finish.
  • The Eclipse series is the perfect stage guitar embodying a focused tone and a sleek Black satin finish.
  • The High-Gloss Series delivers bright, crisp clarity and is ideal for solos and fingerstyle pieces.
  • Faith’s Mahogany Series responds to picking, strumming, and fingering techniques with equal ease and delivers clear, brilliant sound when recording.
  • The Naked series features a thin satin finish for a resonant, responsive guitar that is essential for beginners.
  • The Natural Series is perfect for strumming and accompaniments, this responsive guitar produces a well-balanced tone.
  • The Trembesi series is very similar, until you look closer and see the exotic timber used; its finish enables superior sound projection.
  • Faith’s Signature Series is crafted with the most sought-after, exclusive materials and are adorned with Patrick James Eggle’s signature on the headstock.

What’s Next?

Top musicians around the globe have been raving about Faith Guitars for the exceptional performance and incredible responsiveness they offer.

The initial U.S. availability will be limited, but the Faith Guitar team has been preparing, increasing production as much as their hand-crafted process will allow. You really have to see these guitars to realize the full characteristics that have generated such a loyal, growing following in such a short time. Learn more about this incredible Brand and the artists who use them here. And don’t miss out on this exciting U.S. debut by clicking the link below!



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