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Posted by Jake Connolly on Jan 28, 2016 2:54:40 PM

Premier Guitar on the Neptune Baby Jumbo Cutaway/Electro 

"Right out of the box, this guitar is set up very well." 

John Bohlinger, Nashville musician and musical director seems to be pleasantly surprised at the ease of which the Neptune Baby Jumbo operates as a smooth, responsive easy on the wallet acoustic guitar. 

Bohlinger goes on to claim that, these days, budget guitars aren’t just good—they are starting to appear with design features that you only saw on boutique guitars. Improved quality control in overseas plants has changed the meaning of the words, "budget guitar" and the Faith Neptune Baby Jumbo is a prime example.

In particular, John Bohlinger demostrates the, "uniquely and strikingly figured" Neptune Trembesi in a video review posted by Premier Guitar.

The Trembesi features a built-in Shadow preamp/tuner with a Nanoflex pickup. A sought after component among guitar enthusiasts, the tuner is powered by watch batteries that can run for a very long time. According to Bohlinger, the Neptune is "a real bargain and kind of amazing that it has a great pickup with a tuner."

The verdict is in: the Neptune Trembesi is a tiny fraction of the price of a typical boutique guitar but feels and sounds much more expensive than it actually is. 

Acoustic Guitar reviews Mercury Classic Burst

Pete Madsen, a professional guitarist, educator and author of three guitar instruction books has glowingly reviewed our Mercury Classic Burst.

Madsen explains that "the Mercury has a lovely voice - it sounds warm and lush, with a beautifully reverberant effect when the notes are played with emphasis."

Like all Faith guitars, the Mercury Classic Burst is made from solid, eco-friendly FSC-certified woods at our workshop in West Java, Indonesia. Thanks to its polyurethane lacquer finish and its chemical-rich aroma Pete Madsen explains and demonstrates in a video review, posted by Acoustic Guitar, that unlike the typical budget guitar, the Mercury Classic Burst is very well-built.

Madsen goes on to say, "the Classic Burst is highly responsive to the most delicate fingerpicking, and it also performs winningly when strummed at a moderate volume. Single-note lines on the instrument take on a vocal-like quality."

The verdict is in: the FMSB45-BNC Mercury Classic Burst is an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore the sonic possibilities inherent in this old-school body type—without a huge outlay of cash.Faith Guitars from Connolly Music

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