Boveda Refill 4-Pack High Absorption

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  • Specifications
    • For use in high humidity climates
    • Includes four (4) Boveda 40-gram 49% RH packaged in a resealable plastic bag
    • Designed for use with leak-resistant Boveda pouch holders available in the starter kit.
  • How To Use

How to use Boveda

Just slip the unwrapped Boveda(s) in the pouch holder. (Do not open the Boveda itself.) Nestle the pouch holder in a storage cut-out in your case where the holder will not be crushed.

1. Remove Boveda from the clear cellophane. (DO NOT open the Boveda itself). 2. Place one or two Boveda in the pouch holder. 3. Place pouch holder in the instrument case where it will not get crushed or punctured.