Faith Guitars Blood Moon Series

Faith Blood Moon series guitars are strikingly beautiful instruments made from only the finest, figured Javanese Trembesi for the top, back, and sides.  This indigenous Indonesian timber has long been used by furniture makers for its stunning appearance, but we have been convinced of its tonal properties for a good while too.

Native to the Indonesian island of Java, Trembesi reacts in a similar way to Mahogany, delivering harmonically powerful tone with warmth and balance across the strings, while still having a little Rosewood-esque sparkle at the top end.

The deep red Blood Moon finish is a subtle burst of ochre, deep-orange, and mid-red stains, and contrasts perfectly with the solid flamed maple binding.

Each guitar will have its own distinct figuring: Some with straight, pronounced vertical grains; Some with horizontal ‘flaming’; and even some with a combination of the two.  But regardless of the individual figuring of each model, the tone will be wonderful and the appearance will be truly unique.

You can now enjoy the award-winning Blood Moon in 3 different body shapes available– the Venus Cut/Electro (FVBMB), the Neptune Cut Electro (FNCEBMB), and a straight acoustic Saturn dreadnought model (FSBMB).

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