Faith Guitars PJE Legacy Series

PJE Legacy Series guitars set a new bar for professional excellence.

The fine, Canadian Sitka Spruce tops of these guitars have been kiln-aged through a process of torrefication (torrefaction) - the Spruce is air dried before being roasted in a kiln with precise controls over atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels to reduce its moisture content.  As the wood cools, precise amounts of moisture are re-introduced.  The resulting topwood takes on a beautiful caramel color, is more restistant to fluctuations in humidity, and produces a rich, mellow tone.

Paired with African Khaya Mahogany on the back & sides, PJE Legacy guitars exhibit power and depth with a refined, mature tone that would otherwise take 20+ years of regular play to achieve.  Stage work is handled by Fishman's latest Flex T-Blend pickup & preamp system, which allows you to blend the crispness of a piezo undersaddle pickup with the more characterful tones of an internal condensor mic.  The controls are beautifully discreet and don't distract from the guitar's contour.

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