Why Would You Need Help?

When aspiring violinists want to learn how to play the violin, they have to learn how to choose a violin that suits their needs, so that they can play it well. Choosing a violin can be a difficult task for anyone starting new, and hence many would prefer to look for advice from professional violinists or violin shop owners.We can help you find the best violin for your needs!

How Can Revelle Help?

When it comes to finding a violin, standardized industry parameters on instrument construction, quality, or price, don’t exist. That's why we created a guide to help you in your buying process.  

Our guide will help you accurately identify the most important factors involved in your decision, allowing you to find a violin that’s perfect for you! 

In our guide you will find:

  • Violin construction information
  • Material guidelines for the violin
  • Construction factors to look for
  • How to accurately size a violin to the violinist
  • What to consider when purchasing a bow
  • Maintenance tips to keep your violin in perfect condition
  • and much more!

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