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13 Gifts For The Aspiring Violinists

Choosing gifts for the people you love can be a challenge. You want to give them something that they’ll enjoy and a gift that says how much you care about them. However, finding something for pre-teens and high school students can be very difficult. Fortunately, hobbies are a great clue to their interests, and if you know an aspiring young violinist, there are some fantastic gifts available that they are sure to appreciate.

Instrument Shop Gift Cards: This isn’t a very “flashy” gift, but you can be sure that violin beginners will use it. There are a number of accessories needed for their instrument, such as rosin, in-case humidifiers, hygrometers and extra strings that they may not have purchased when they picked out their violin. So, a gift card from their local instrument shop will be a welcome present.

Violin T-Shirts: Clothes are almost always popular with students, and there are tons of funny, cute, or witty t-shirts available for beginner violin students. This page has a list of them, and they are all less than $25. Choose “Lord of the Strings,” “I Play Violin, What’s Your Superpower?” and other novelty t-shirts that your budding musician will adore.

iPhone Case: This extra tough phone case features music staffs and a violin on the back, making it an exceptionally worthy gift for your violinist. $30 for this shatter-proof and scratch resistant present.

Custom Tote Bags: For a beginner violin student, a custom tote bag is a great gift for keeping track of their music and other items that won’t fit in their violin case. This one can be personalized with the name of the student ($10), and other personalize gift sites offer tons of additional designs and styles.

Personalized Pillows: This is an excellent gift for violin beginners because they can use it to decorate their bedroom, or as lumbar support while they are playing. You can purchase them with cute sayings or have them monogrammed with the player’s initials.

Portable Music Stands: This gift is really perfect for any musician. Most new students will prop up their music anywhere possible, but this portable music stand goes wherever they do. Available in Purple, Yellow, Black, Blue, and Pink, this $16 gift is affordable and useful.

Violin Notes Journal: For $10, you can’t beat this stocking stuffer-type gift that your emerging violinist will love. It features a lovely cover image and includes lined, dotted, blank, and scheduling sheets inside for journaling their work. When you add the $10 tote bag, you’ve created a fantastic gift set that they’ll love.

Violin Chromatic Tuner: Even if your beginner violinist has a digital tuner, upgrading it will be a welcomed surprise. At around $15, this Korg tuner is portable and easy to use, but don’t ignore the Snark versions either. Both brands offer precise tonal detection and lasting dependability.

Jewelry: There are tons of unique violin jewelry items available that would be a perfect addition to their recital ensemble. Choose from among violin shaped earrings and necklaces, or a really pretty “bridge” charm necklace or treble clef brooch. These lovely accessories will make their day.

Portable Recording Device: Although you may be able to download a phone app for this, giving your aspiring violinists a way to easily record playing or practice sessions is indispensable. Choose a small one that can fit in their violin case, and it will be used often. A digital dictaphone will cost around $20-$40, depending on the features.

Concert Tickets: If you happen to know of a certain concert being performed by your local symphony or orchestra, or have heard about a celebrated violinist coming to your town, purchasing tickets for the show (even if it will be a few months in advance) is a wonderful gift. The anticipation alone will make it an exciting present.

Stationary: You can purchase lovely violin themed stationary for your beginner student if they are the type of person who still appreciates that kind of thing. Many communications are now electronic, so it might not be the best idea for some students, but for those who do like it, it makes a very lovely gift. For under $9, you can include a gift card in the box as well.

A Subscription to The Strad: This is the definitive resource for budding violinists. With tons of articles, playing tips, string courses, and interviews with famous violinists, this is a great gift for any violinist.

You can find the perfect gift for all the aspiring violinists on your holiday list by using these ideas or searching for your own. Whether you choose something useful to support their training or pick out something just for fun, these gifts will definitely be appreciated.

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