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The Best Violin Apps of 2016

The Best Violin Apps of 2016 http://www.connollymusic.com/revelle/blog/the-best-violin-apps-of-2016 @revellestringsMastering new techniques and improving your performance on the violin often involves reaching out into new areas of instruction. And although you can naturally explore more traditional areas of education, such as trying out new teaching materials or enrolling in some supplemental private classes, technology provides some fantastic ways to expand your ability right from your smartphone or tablet.

Violin apps come in an array of applications, from beginner level instructional guides to advanced composition software that helps you develop original music. Their convenience and variety offer musicians flexible methods for improving skills. And although tastes vary, these are some of the highest rated violin apps so far this year.

Tuner Lite by plusadd – The Ultimate Free Chromatic Tuner for Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Violin

This free app for iphone and ipad is an excellent chromatic tuner and pitch-pipe. The basic, easy to use interface allows you to speedily tune your violin wherever you are, but if you’d like more sophisticated features, you can upgrade to a paid app.

Violin Multi-tuner by Martin Britz

If you’re looking for a little more in your violin tuner, this iphone and ipod app provides a few extras. In addition to basic tuning, this app features stunning visuals and all sorts of embellishments that will help improve or strengthen your sight reading skills and personal intonation. It includes eight scales, a metronome, 12 pre-sets and fret simulation for accurate fingering. Free of ads, this app costs $.99 to download.

DaTuner (Lite!) by Applaud Apps

This android version of a free chromatic tuner also features wide visibility and easy navigation, so tuning your violin is a snap. With simple precision, a user-friendly interface, and easy-to-read colors that indicate frequency, this a great app for tuning your violin, or any other string instrument on the go.

Cadenza - The orchestra that listens to you by Sonation, Inc.

This app is free for iphone and ipad, and is great for musicians of all levels. You essentially get to play your violin with an entire orchestral accompaniment. One of the best new apps available, this app actually listens to your playing and follows along so that you sound awesome. Great for improving technique and for developing a firmer grasp on different musical styles, this app is is not only fun, it’s educationally beneficial. It also includes over two hundred free pieces of music and it will even turn the pages for you as you play, so you can broaden your personal repertoire. Regretfully, there’s really no android equivalent to this explosive new app.

Classical Violinist by H2indie LLC

Still one of the most popular and well-loved violin apps, Classical Violinist is the perfect game-based app for improving your violin skills and muscular coordination. Beautiful, pre-recorded violin music is embedded in the app and the challenging games are fun for even non-musicians. Free download for your iphone or ipad.

Violin Music Collection Pro HD by Yanfeng Wang

This app is an excellent learning tool for any classical musician but especially for violinists. It contains the portraits and historical information (short bio) on 21 of the greatest composers who ever lived, as well as an incredible collection of their works. Great for any enthusiast, this iphone and ipad app is only $2.99, and many of the features work independently of the internet, so an online connection isn’t needed to enjoy some of the best, most celebrated violin masterpieces of all time.

Violin Lessons - Learn To Play The Violin by Gooi Ah Eng

This is an excellent new violin app that helps explain and demonstrate basic violin techniques. Use it to supplement your current curriculum or to help stay in practice during summer vacation. With tons of practical features contained in video demonstrations, this app outlines everything from basic maintenance, to spiccato and harmonics. For only $.99 this download is available on iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

Violin Lessons by Dog Breeds Apps

A collection of detailed, in-depth instruction violin videos make this app a great choice for intermediate violinists who’d like to improve their skills and mastery level. Free download for android users, this app will connect you to specific instructions concerning a variety of playing applications in easy to view video format.

With all of the new technological resources available, you can find violin apps that will meet your particular needs. Check out some of the ones listed here or do your own web search to find something specific, there are tons of great new 2016 violin app options available for your android, windows, or iphone operating systems.Music resources for students