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Update 2019: 13 Gifts for Music Teachers

Are you looking for useful gifts for the music teacher in your life this holiday season? Your thoughtful gift will go a long way towards making your teacher feel appreciated and valued. Remember, there’s no reason to spend an excessive amount, as all teachers subscribe to the idea that “it’s the thought that counts.”

With that in mind, the following 13 gifts will express your gratitude to your music teacher this holiday season, and its usefulness will be appreciated.

1. Monogrammed Magic Rosin

If you’re taking music lessons from a strings teacher, odds are s/he uses rosin too, right? Magic Rosin is one of the best, most pure rosin options on the market. Your teacher will appreciate a version displaying his/her monogrammed initials. Or, if you know your teacher’s favorite animals, colors, symbol, etc., you can use that for inspiration instead.

Click Here to read notes from Sarah West, the inventor of Magic Rosin, to learn more about it.

2. Gift Card to a Favorite Place

If you’ve been with the same teacher for a while, odds are you know some of the more intimate details in his/her life, such as a favorite coffee shop, store, or restaurant. While a gift card can seem impersonal, a card purchased from one of your instructor’s favorite places is a sign you pay attention – and that you care.

3. Tickets for Two to the Symphony or Local Live Music Venue

Along those same lines, you can connect with your local symphony, orchestra, or major music venue and purchase a gift card or open tickets. Your teacher and his/her +1 of choice can enjoy a live music event.

3. Piano Cheese Board & Tool Set

It’s hard to resist this perfectly packaged piano cheese board and toolset. The top of the grand piano lifts to reveal the cheese tools inside, and lowers to serve as the cheeseboard itself.

4.  Personalized “Love Music” Yeti Rambler Mugs

The Yeti Rambler Mugs are known for their ability to retain hot/cold temperatures, and we’ve mentioned them as great gift ideas in the past. You can up the ante by personalizing the mug with unique, “Love Music” decals made specifically for stainless steel travel mugs. At $2.50 each, they’re a great, low-budget gift.

5. Steel String Miniature Violin Ornament

This miniature, steel-string violin ornament will look great on a tree, or even hanging from a rearview mirror or somewhere in the classroom. It’s made from real metal, wood, and brass – which adds to its authenticity. You can also find other, realistic miniature instrument ornaments – such as a mandolin, piano, or guitar.

6. Music-themed Crazy Socks

In truth, crazy socks aren’t all that “crazy” anymore. These days, they’re downright trendy. That makes these colorful, music-themed socks even more appealing. Odds are you’ll see them poking out from underneath the hemline of your teacher’s concert dress attire.

8. Bach by Bach Tie

This gift is back by popular demand, and is a great gift for your music teacher, especially if s/he likes to look sharp. It features sheet music images from Bach’s repertoire that are hand-drawn by designer Josh Bach. If the $56 price tag is over your budget, you can get the whole class to contribute a dollar or two (or three) towards the cost and have everyone sign a card to accompany it. Or, check out these music-themed ties at a lower price point.

9. Noteworthy Infinity Scarf

The companion accessory to the Bach by Bach tie is this noteworthy Infinity Scarf. It works in both dressy and casual environments and is available in nine different colors. What better way to express your appreciation for your music educator than to offer warmth and comfort during the cooler months.

10. Rock Guitar BBQ Spatula

What’s better than flipping burgers on the BBQ for a weekend gathering (or fundraiser)? Flipping ‘em with a Rock Guitar BBQ spatula. It’s cool, functional, and unique – what more can you ask for when finding gifts for the ones you admire?

11. Music-themed school supplies

Functional may seem boring, but it’s not. Teachers are constantly facing budget cuts that scale back the school supplies available to them from the office. You and your fellow students can provide some of the supplies they need most, such as:

There are a few examples for your “school supplies basket” and a quick online search will provide additional ideas.

12. Periodic Table of Music Genres

This clever poster takes an iconic foundation of chemistry and whimsically transforms it into a table of various music genres. Examples include C (classical), Db (drum and bass), Bg (bluegrass), and the list goes on. The unframed poster costs less than $10, and you can have it framed in time for the holidays.

13. A homemade card with a heartfelt letter

While it may seem clichéd, the reality is that your heartfelt words of appreciation or a handmade card or gift from you is more valuable than anything you can buy online or in a store. Teachers do what they do because they love music, they love their students, and they hope to make a positive difference via teacher-student connections.

These 13 gift ideas for teachers are just the tip of the iceberg. Click Here for additional, music-themed gifts. Any one of them will make your teacher smile with a warm heart, knowing you and fellow classmates cared enough to honor his /her efforts. That’s the most invaluable gift of all.

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