TI Strings

TI Luthier Strings

Product Description

When you need an all-around, top-quality set of violin strings, choose TIs.  Part of the luthier series, these strings pair a beautiful warm sound with excellent string to string balance.  TI strings work with many different instruments and playing styles, but are particularly popular among chamber musicians and orchestra players.  The left hand feeling is quite and they settle in quickly while maintaining excellent pitch stability.  Ideal for all performance settings. 

E string:  multilayer wire, tin-plated

  • Excellent pitch stability
  • Highlights the true colors of your instrument
  • Comfortable left hand feeling
  • Focused sound

The TI100 set includes an aluminum wound D-string, ideal for dark sounding instruments demanding more brilliance.  It also delights with an excellent bow response. Additionally, a silver D-string is available for those looking for less bow noise and a warmer sound. The diameter of the silver D is significantly thinner than the aluminum wound D.