Choose the Right Violin For You

If you want to succeed at playing the violin you should learn how choose a violin that suits your needs. Choosing the right one can be difficult for new vioinists which is why Connolly is here to help you with professional advice. We want to help you find the best violin for your needs! 

How Can Connolly Help?

The main things to consider when buying a new violin is reputation and construction. You want a reputable builder and a properly set up violin. Because there aren't industry standards on construction, it's difficult to know which violin to choose. We have a guide to help you along in the buying process. 

Our sister company, Revelle, has created a guide that will help you pick out the most important factors that come into play when making the decision to purchase a violin that's perfect for you! 

Revelle's guide will help you with:

  • Violin construction information
  • Material guidelines for the violin
  • Construction factors to look for
  • How to accurately size a violin to the violinist
  • What to consider when purchasing a bow
  • Maintenance tips to keep your violin in perfect condition
  • and much more!

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