Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy

Thomastik-Infeld Strings and Connolly Music are the proud sponsors of Mimi Zweig's StringPedagogy.com Online Edition that gives music teachers and aspiring violinists and cellists free access.

Violin performance engages the physical, the psychological, and the musical abilities of the player. Mimi Zweig's fundamental principles of violin teaching, based on natural physical motions nurtured in a non-judgmental environment, embodies all three of these elements of performance. The development of a facile and secure technique begins with physical freedom. This then gives the performer the freedom to play with musical sensitivity and confidence.

FREE Online Edition includes:

  • Access to Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy Volumes One, One B and Two
  • Volume Four: Cello Teaching with Susan Moses
  • Volume Five: Setting Up for Success in the String Classroom with Brenda Brenner
  • Six hours of streaming video
  • Downloadable PDF Version of Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy, which lets you print text and images from all volumes
  • Powerful search capability within StringPedagogy.com, giving you easy access to specific information

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