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Mimi, Professor of Violin at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music, and director of its Strings Academy, is world renown for her innovative violin teaching and methodology. Her basic teaching principles are rooted in how a musician's body moves physically. She teaches violinists to play with a physical freedom that causes a violinist's performance confidence to soar. With this muscle memory embedded in their body, the violinist is now free to play with a level of musical sensitivity they couldn't attain before. And the subtle tonal nuances that result help create memorable, and moving performances.

Her students have gone on to teach and perform worldwide, winning numerous competitions along the way.

Says Joshua Bell: "Mimi was a very important part of my life and a vital, important part of my musical development…. When I was 8 years old, she took me back to basics and fixed a lot of things. She made me take my musical vitamins you might say!" — from the Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee

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Mimi's greatest labor of love has been pulling together a comprehensive set of lessons for string music educators. These lessons are available as videos, and also as downloadable PDFs.

Assisted by associate professor Brenda Benner, and co-director Susan Moses, content is also available for helping teachers set up their classrooms for optimal learning, including lessons in teaching the cello using Mimi's teaching principles. Sign up for free at the bottom!

The Online Edition includes:

  • Volumes 1: Starting the Beginning Violinist
  • Volume 1B (Index): Teacher's Guide to Suzuki Books One and Two
  • Volume 2: Establishing a Healthy Foundation
  • Volume 4: Cello Teaching with Susan Moses
  • Volume 5: Setting Up for Success in the String Classroom with Brenda Brenner
  • More than 6 hours of streaming video lessons
  • Strings Clinic — webinar on violin strings, how they're made, the materials used and why, how to tune them,
  • Downloadable PDFs – you can print text and images from all volumes
  • Powerful search capability within stringpedagogy.com, giving you easy access t specific information

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