Rondo Violin Strings

Rondo Violin cover

Product Description

RONDO…yet another world-class string from Thomastik-Infeld and part of the Luthier line. With their huge dynamic range, strong, balanced projection, and silky, warm sound, they were created for sophisticated violinists and are particularly popular among soloists playing vintage instruments. Add in immediate bow response and a long life span and you have an unparalleled set of strings! E string: multilayer wire, tin-plated

  • Great balance of warmth and brilliance
  • Soloistic power
  • Vast dynamic range
  • Immediate bow response
  • Reduces wolf tones

The RO100 set comes with a synthetic core, aluminum wound A-string, providing great modulation and a rich spectrum of sound colors. For those wanting to stay true to the traditional steel A-string or looking for 100% corrosion resistance and easier playability, Rondo offers a steel A-string without the common downsides of sounding too bright or shrill.