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Thanks for your interest in blogging for StringOvation. We're always looking for brilliant contributors to submit relevant, high-quality content that our music lovers will enjoy. 

We do not just accept any blog. We are selective about our guest contributors and will only accept high caliber blog posts that would interest our audience. Fill out our form if you are a writer looking to submit music related blogs that will help us fulfill our mission of building an online database of music resources that will help students, teachers, and parents alike. 

Feel free to pitch any blog you would like! We will review your blog and get back to you about writing for StringOvation. Read our guidelines below to get a better idea if writing StringOvation is for you!

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Guest Submission Guideliness

What We Look For

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest to readers of StingOvation and have a tone that is appropriate for StringOvation — friendly, informative, and engaging. We like articles that focus on string instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar), and advance conversations around topics and trends that engage our musician readership. We appreciate lively, conversational, polished writing that balances research with examples that help illustrate your point of view.

StringOvation prefers submissions from contributors who are string music educators or professional string musicians. The types of topics we cover fall into the following categories: tips and advice for music educators for use in their private practice or classroom, performance techniques for string musicians at the intermediate or higher levels, inspirational stories that feature string musicians, music careers - how to become a professional / create and build your career, learning (general category that provides information of value to string musicians of all levels), and string instruments (using them, caring for them, product reviews and the like.). Articles should be geared toward music educators or students. Students can be adult life long learners in addition to traditional K-12 levels and college age.

Articles should contain at least two citations from authoritative sources that are linked. By authoritative, we mean industry sources that are well-regarded and respected in the topic area you are citing.



When submitting an article to StringOvation it is understood that it is an original work, not previously published, and not under consideration elsewhere. Plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the author's own work (known as self-plagiarism) is unacceptable. Articles submitted to StringOvation for publication will be checked for originality using anti-plagiarism software. All sources in the submitted article must be cited, and such cited sources should have at least two link-backs in the text from high domain authority sites.

How To Submit

Submitted articles must be 600-800 words. Our readership of more than 60,000 people every month, plus an active and engaged social media following, will provide your article with exceptional exposure if accepted. If accepted, your article will be by-lined with your name and one link to your website.

Submit using the Associated Press style guide, and the Oxford serial comma. Article should be sent in a Microsoft Word® document, 1.15 line spacing, in a sans serif font such as Calibri or Arial, using 12 point for body copy, 14 pt for H2, and 16 pt for H1 (typical blog formatting).


What To Expect If We Accept

Submissions are reviewed approximately once a week, and the process is selective. Due to high volume, we’re not always able to respond to all submissions individually. If you don’t receive a response within 10 business days of submitting, it’s safe to assume that your piece was not selected for publication. Following up will not speed our review or improve the likelihood of a story’s acceptance. We’re unable to give feedback about why a submission may not have been selected for publication.

For stories we do choose to publish:

    •    All articles are subject to editing.

    •    Headlines and subheads are subject to change.

    •    Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance.

    •    Links may be added for context.

    •    Art will be added at the discretion of StringOvation.

    •    Articles may or may not be promoted across StringOvation’s site and via our social feeds.

StringOvation requests that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for 10 business days, after which time they may be reprinted in part or full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on StringOvation.