Sol Daniel Kim Tests New Versum Solo Set from Thomastik-Infeld

Posted by Connolly Music on Dec 6, 2018 10:41:14 AM

 Watch and listen to what Kim has to say:

For the first time A, D, G, and C strings enhance one another to synergistically transform the sound of a cello.

How Do These Cello Strings Compliment Each Other?

The A impresses with richly smooth, saturated, warm tone colors, and soloistic brilliance.

The D string provides an ideal bridge to the G and C strings with its powerful, rich timbre.

The G and C strings provide vital gravitas, deep core tone and warmth to the low end while synergistically enhancing the sound colors and nuance of the A and D strings.

This revolutionary cello string set boasts:

  • Unprecedented possibilities of combining color, sound, and texture
  • Vital power and an elegant voice
  • State of the art bow response with full range from pianissimo to fortissimo
  • Only takes minutes to settle in! 

Click here for more information on Versum Solo

Listen to more of Sol Daniel Kim playing with Versum Solo strings: 

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