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10 Beginner Violin Songs That Make You Sound Awesome

Beginning violinists face tough challenges. Focusing on the correct form, execution, and sound at the same time is difficult for most people, and it can feel like it will take forever before you can actually show off your newly acquired ability. But, don’t be discouraged. Learning the violin takes time. Like all skills, one day you’ll look back on this time and laugh. Until then, you need beginner violin songs that will encourage you to continue.

This list of 10 easy violins songs utilize beginner skills like open strings and basic straight bowing techniques. Most of them are very recognizable, so you won’t have to struggle to learn a completely new melody, but these beginner violin songs also make you sound awesome, so that you can show off your talent. Plus, when they are practiced, they’ll highlight the fundamental areas that you need to work on. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching new heights and wowing all of your well-wishers.

You can download sheet music to most of these songs for free. A few of them require a small purchase, typically less than $5, but building your music library is always a good investment.

Theme from Ode to Joy” by Beethoven. This classic melody is readily recognized, and offers a great way to demonstrate your newly acquired bowing and fingering skills. Even if you only perform the first eight bars, this simple arpeggio features common time and basic quarter and half notes, making it easy to execute. If you want to really show off, learn the next eight measures which include a set of eighth notes in the bridge, creating a more complete piece.

“William Tell Overture” by Rossini. Another well-known classic, the ‘Lone Ranger theme’ is rousing with a toe-tapping, upbeat excitement that listeners will love. Although it incorporates some tricky bowing, when you master those ties and eighths, you’ll sound incredible.

Cool Blues” by David Bruce. This is a fantastic composition for beginner violinists. David Bruce is a rising star among composers, having had work commissioned from the San Diego Symphony and the Royal Opera House in London. This bluesy piece shows off your scale ability and includes an improvisation section at the end that allows you to express your own style.

For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” traditional version. This is a great beginner violin song to practice and learn. With a sounding pitch in D major, this lively tune features long ties in a very recognizable tune. Actually, this is a song any violinist should include in their repertoire.

When the Saints Go Marching” traditional version. If you want to learn jazz basics, you can’t do better than this traditional gospel classic. It features basic quarters and halves, but will really stretch your bowing skill (making sure you use the entire length) in the last two bars. Plus, it’s a great beginner violin song because the tempo can be adapted to any level without altering the moving impact of the song.

Amazing Grace” traditional version. English poet, John Newton, composed this unforgettable poem in 1779, and the music was developed for it about 70 years later. This beloved tune is a bit tougher than the first five examples, but totally worth the effort. Once you’ve mastered it, this composition in G major will thrill your listeners and make you sound terrific.

La Bamba” traditional version arranged by Christian Morris. This Mexican folk song is a great choice for beginner violin. The upbeat, lively tune features a number of tenuto (for dramatic emphasis) and tuplet groupings to allow you to grow and increase your violin playing skill.

Wabash Cannonball” by Johnny Cash. This traditional American folk song was written about a fictional train, but when you master its easy melody, you’ll sound like a pro. And, if you want to enhance your pizzicato technique, the “Rock Island Line” in D Major will fit the bill.

The Midnight Special” traditional version. Although this folk tune gained rock popularity when it was recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival, it’s a great song to learn on the violin. Grab a few of your fellow students, and really jam with this beginner violin song.

Li’l Liza Jane” traditional version. A staple for anyone who wants to excel in the bluegrass genre, this song is great for beginners, plus it gives you an excellent piece to build upon. Listen to fiddler Joe Stuart and master musician Bill Monroe perform this all-time standard here.

Putting your newly developing violin skills into practice through great performances will help solidify your desire to master the violin. Regardless of your ability, learning to play these easy violin songs will delight both you, and your listeners.Violin being played