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5 Best Apps To Tune Your Violin

When it comes to playing the violin, keeping your instrument in tune is of the utmost importance. Instead of investing in extra tuners and tools to keep in your case, many violinists are now turning to app-based tuners that allow for easy use wherever you go. Here are a few of our favorites for iPhone and Android users:

1. Tuner Lite by Plascore

This totally free app is a major find for Apple users. It is very simple and straightforward, so beginners can easily find their way through the tuner without feeling overwhelmed. It provides both visual and audible cues to let you know you're on point. If you are worried about complex tuners with lots of features, this one should put your mind at ease.

2. ClearTune

ClearTune is a paid app available at the Google and Apple store. It is a little bit more intelligent and in-depth than Tuner Lite, and would be a good fit for intermediate to advanced students. It includes bonus features that allow you to transpose music or automatically select notes by sound. The good news is that it's only $3.99 and the developers keep adding new updates over time.

3. Violin Multi-Tuner

This is currently one of the most popular violin apps out today. While it's main function is tuning your violin, it actually comes with a wide range of extras, including practice exercises and bonus tools so you can engage your musical ear even when you don't have a violin in hand. You can use this multi-tuner to handle all of your tuning needs as well as including a metronome and other handy additions. This is a great learning tool for violinists of any level, and it is available for only $0.99.

4. nTune Violin

NTune has launched a number of successful tuning apps for multiple instruments. Their violin app is quite notable because it is free, but also because it allows you to hear the difference between plucked and bowed strings when tuning. This gives you a more accurate ability to tune for the style of playing you will be doing. By comparing your instrument to the sound of other real violins, rather than digital renditions, you will get the best tuning results possible.

5. Tuna Pitch

The Tuna family of tuning apps covers just about every instrument in the book. This pitch-based app is designed to help you practice hearing notes while you tune. The app will automatically identify the note you are playing, give you helpful information about what octave you are in, as well as if you are flat or sharp. If you want to reach pitch perfect hearing, this app can enhance your learning path. The full version is only $2.99.

These five incredible tuning apps are just what you need to take your violin on the road. You won't have to worry about having a dead battery in your digital tuner. All you have to do is open up your phone and download one of these handy apps. The best part is that these apps were created with state of the art technology to make tuning your instrument easier than ever. Plus, they use special algorithms to match the sound from your violin to the notes played by other instruments to match frequency and tone.

While there are plenty of free options available that will get the job done, you will typically find that the paid apps offer additional support and learning tools that boost your learning ability. It is worth spending the extra few dollars to get an app that comes with helpful hints and tips. In addition, some apps include training exercises and warmups that you will love.

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