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How Much Do Violin Lessons Cost?

Knowing how beneficial music lessons are to your child—they help develop math, language arts, and other complex cognitive processes— many parents encourage their children to choose an instrument to learn to play. And, if you’ve recently succeeded in this endeavor so that your child is excited about becoming a violinist, you’re probably wondering about the total price involved for private music instruction.

If you’re like most parents, you’ll need to set aside a certain yearly amount from your family budget to support your child’s long-term interest in this hobby. Indeed, it’s a great idea to plan ahead. And although it’s natural to contemplate the cost of regular violin lessons, there are a few other items to consider in your expense equation. You’ll need to ascertain the cost of the instrument and the monthly amount needed for instruction, but you should also consider certain guidelines concerning your choice of instructor.

Lesson Costs

Since private violin lessons are typically provided by individuals, the costs vary according to your locality. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated arts facility nearby, lesson costs fluctuate depending on the area where you live.

Most private music teachers structure their prices according to time intervals. You can expect to pay somewhere around $25-$60, per half-hour session. Again, this amount will largely depend on where you live, and some instructors will offer packages that provide a flat monthly rate per student. You may also want to ask about discounted rates if you have more than one child interested in taking music lessons.

Start-up/Instrument Costs

However, before your child can begin violin lessons, he or she will need a good instrument. Rental instruments offer a great alternative for children who are starting the violin early. Since the violin must be sized to the player, renting often makes the best sense at first.When your child progresses and becomes ready for a ¾ or full size instrument, you can look at purchasing a quality instrument that will last for many years. Intermediate level violins are priced around $600-$1500.

However, if your child is big enough for a full size instrument at the outset, you may want to compare the costs of renting a violin for one year against the price of a quality beginner outfit. It may be less expensive to purchase an instrument that offers excellent playability and tone, rather than deal with the rental process.

The quality of the violin you purchase for your beginner has a big impact on how well she’ll like it and how easy it will be for her to advance at the skill. Student instruments typically cost around $500, and many are available for that price in an outfit. The outfit includes the violin, a hard case for protection, and other accessories like the bow and rosin.

Choosing an Instructor

Again, depending on where you live, you may have a variety of violin teachers to choose from or you might feel fortunate to have at least one nearby who can impart this wonderful skill. Either way, there are a few things to consider before you sign up for lessons. Ask a few questions concerning:

  • Credentials—most private instructors will hold at least a master’s degree in music education
  • Testimonials—are there any clients who would be willing to share their experiences?
  • Practice/Lesson Area—does the instructor conduct lessons at a facility or in his or her home?
  • Student Involvement—Does the teacher arrange for public recitals, concerts, or other activities? This is an important part of keeping your child’s interest in lessons alive.

The answers will vary, and it’s up to you to determine what will work best with your family’s needs. Most professionals who offer private instruction on the violin advertise their services through word-of-mouth. So, although you may not be able to locate them through regular channels, speak with your local stringed instrument dealer. Because of the proximity to professional players, odds are that he or she will be able and happy to point you in the right direction.

Even though the prices for violin lessons are somewhat volatile, with a little judicious planning, you can accurately budget the costs of music lessons for your child by considering all of the aspects involved. The long-term benefits to your child’s education and success are well worth the time and investment you make.

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