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How To Make More Money As A Violin Teacher

As a violin teacher, you have the ability to impart your love of music to a new crop of students each year. And although it’s extremely rewarding when you’re able to watch the concepts and theories you’ve taught take hold and make a real difference in a student’s life, it’s a generally accepted truth that teachers are underpaid for the valuable work that they do.

However, there are some things that you can do to increase your earning potential. Making more money as a violin teacher is possible by expanding your credentials, or your activities. Choosing the option that’s best for you will involve weighing the pros and cons of each; but remember, you don’t have to settle for an either/or decision. These tips and strategies can be combined to maximize your earning power.

Increasing Knowledge

According to the Institute of Education Sciences and the National Center for Education Statistics, the amount of years’ experience you have and the level of education you’ve achieved impact your earning power in both private and public school settings. A violin teacher who is just starting out can expect to earn approximately $32,000-$38,000 per year, but that amount will vary depending on the state where you reside. Moreover, national averages fluctuate with private school educators earning less than public school teachers, due to federal bonuses and other government-paid supplemental income.

However, those numbers jump considerably with years of experience and degree. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, holding a master’s or doctoral degree significantly increases your earning power and expands the opportunities available, often by up to 40 percent. Therefore, it’s worth exploring how you can further your education in order to (in many cases) double your earning potential.

Rather than resigning yourself to more loans, search local, federal, and state grant opportunities to further your education. There are literally thousands of grants available to further your education or expand your school music program. The NEA provides scores of ways to expand your degree, but you can also explore the numerous opportunities available on the Federal site, grants.gov. By increasing your knowledge of music, you can enrich your earning power.

Expanding Outreach

Another, very effective way to make more money as a violin teacher involves basic entrepreneurship. You have a skill that others will pay to learn; and because you know how to impart that skill, your services are in demand.

Many music educators make extra income by providing individual lessons because it’s a flexible way to infuse their annual income, and it can be initiated gradually or quickly. Plus, you determine your schedule. Perhaps you’d only like to provide individual lessons during the summer months? You can offer special workshops to your students or others in the community for a limited time each year.

To get started down this avenue, you’ll need to arrange for some place to conduct lessons. Home instruction is a good place to start because you won’t have to outlay huge operating expenses at first. Moreover, the business use of your home is deductible when you file as a sole proprietor, and there are many similar business deductions that help lower your tax liability.

You’ll also need to spread the word about your professional instruction service, so you’ll want to spend some time getting to know your local instrument dealers. Explain what you’ll be offering and develop a good rapport; these individuals have access to the clientele you’ll want to target.

Although a violin teacher may expand his or her earning potential by offering private lessons on a small scale, you can also explore bigger ways to impact your community with your music instruction. The federal grants site includes numerous, non-profit opportunities for educators who want to start a music school. You can get free assistance with facilities purchasing, operating costs, and more. Educators can also apply for large sums to create learning materials. It really just requires the patience to spend a few weeks exploring the current offerings and developing your proposal. Depending on the size and scope you have in mind, you may want to employ professional assistance.

Professional Gigs

As a violin teacher, you can play with a group or ensemble in your spare time. The extra cash for playing weddings, corporate functions, and large gatherings helps supplement your regular salary. Or, you can check into other contracting. Often local radio or TV stations need musicians to play background sounds. Look through local papers and online platforms periodically for musical opportunities that can increase your annual earnings.

Growing your earning potential as a violin teacher is possible. Whether you choose to further your education or expand into entrepreneurship, you can start earning more money doing what you love by following some of these suggestions.Classroom resources for teachers