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Top 5 Perfect Gifts for String Players Graduating in 2024

It’s hard to believe, but spring graduation is almost upon us. If you’re one of the millions of parents, friends, and loved ones searching for that special gift for your string musician, here are the items StringOvation readers have found the most useful (and fun):

#5 Boveda Humidity Control 

b51ce651521f1b3dbc89dc8bb9a3331d85a309ccHow your graduate stores their instrument is just as important as how they play it – and nothing is sure to damage their prized possession like the severe effects of changing humidity. 

We’re proud to offer a wide range of Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control products for string and wood instruments. These zero-maintenance kits help keep your graduate’s instrument at a consistent level of humidity easily, reliably, and affordably. 

Kits start at around $20.  

#4 Custom Magic Rosin for Bows 



Custom Magic Rosins will delight string players of any age — whether they’re entering high school for the first time or graduating with their doctorate. We use only purified pine resins to create clear, glass-like rosins, making it an excellent vehicle for displaying custom images and artwork or you can choose from dozens of designs. 

In a creative slump? Upload a photo of your graduate performing, and take a photo of a beloved pet or favorite snack. Or get creative and create your own work of art to honor their big day. 

Remember that your Custom Magic Rosin can take a few weeks to arrive. If you’re in a time crunch, browse our ready-to-go options that can ship faster.   


#3  — High-Quality Strings for Violins, Violas, and Cellos

Sometimes, minor things can make the most significant difference, such as selecting the right strings for your graduate’s favorite instrument. Here are four options that will earn your musician — and you — a standing ovation. 

Thomastik-Infeld’s Rondo Violin Set

From Thomastik-Infeld’s Luthier Series, this line is perfect for professional luthiers who might find themselves in the spotlight. The RO100 set provides excellent modulation and a vast spectrum of sound colors with its synthetic core and aluminum-wound A-string. 

You can purchase these directly on our website, where you’ll find additional options for string players seeking a more traditional A-string. 

Thomastik-Infeld’s Dominant Pro Violin Set

When nothing but the best will do for your graduate, there is Thomastik-Infeld’s latest and greatest string innovation, Dominant Pro. These incredibly responsive strings offer high resistance to bow pressure, a bell-like tonal quality, and the power to fill a room with sound — and their audience with joy. 

Thomastik-Infeld’s Rondo Viola Set


For the serious viola player, there's Thomastik-Infeld’s RO200 Viola Set. This is also from their impressive Luthier Series, these strings are sure to delight enthusiasts and professionals alike. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out Richard O’Neill’s up-close and personal look in the video above. 

Thomastik-Infeld’s Rondo Cello Set

If your graduate wants to add radiance, color, volume, and projection to their cello performances, then look no further than Thomastik-Infeld’s RO400 Cello Set. These strings offer a clear and velvety sound with a smooth transition and fast response time. 

#2 Revelle Phoenix Bow 

Violinists understand their bow quality has the potential to make or break their performance, which is why so many have chosen the Revelle Phoenix Bow. With a braided carbon fiber core, an ebony frog, and the signature Revelle “Rooster” logo etched into the design, it feels as powerful to play as it is beautiful and reliable. 

#1 Revelle Model 500 Violin Outfit

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 9.53.01 AM

The Revelle Model 500 Violin Outfit is perfect for the advancing violinist looking to upgrade their instrument to one that offers reliable and consistent performance capable of subtle nuance and power. It's truly a delight to view and play with a hand-crafted European spruce top and flames of maple along the back, sides, neck, and scroll. Also, A Revelle performance carbon fiber bow can easily upgrade a player’s performance. 

This ready-to-play violin arrives in its own Deluxe Oblong Case, with a Revelle Rook Bow, and our world-renowned Magic Rosin. 

Congratulations 2024 Graduates! 

Congratulations to all of the graduates who’ll be walking across the stage in 2024. Stride proudly and with excitement! You're on to the next step in your musical career.

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