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Product Spotlight: Revelle CrossTECH™ Violin Case

As a musician, you spend a significant amount of time caring for your instrument, a key factor in ensuring it produces the pure, resonant sounds you desire. Your violin case is a fundamental component in your Instrument Care Plan because it's the place where your instrument spends the most time. 

The Revelle CrossTECH Violin Case Is the Ultimate Violin Guardian

When it gets right down to it, your violin's case is a guardian - providing a soft, scratch- and nick-free home, protecting the instrument from damage from outside motions, jolts or force. You'd think that a guardian like that would require a lot of bulk and brawn and that's where the Revelle CrossTECH Violin Case shines. It has everything you're looking for in terms of instrument protection and security - in a small, streamlined and lightweight frame. Thanks to an exclusive technology.  It’s like a soft case with hard case benefits.

Stylish, with an ultra-durable, water resistant exterior that maintains its good looks over time, it also makes room for all the tools of the trade used to play the violin well.

Ultimate protection and durability

The primary job of any instrument case is to be as durable as possible to protect the instrument and accessories inside. The Revelle CrossTECH provides that via it's firm, exterior shell. Inside the case, your instrument benefits from additional 21st-century engineering and safety features, including:

  • A SupraTECH suspension system. The SupraTECH suspension system actually suspends - or floats - the instrument inside the case. So, rather than physically impact the instrument against its case sidewalls, any brunt force to the outside of the case is mitigated by this simple, yet innovative, built-in "shock absorber."
  • AdapTECH Yoke. The yoke is engineered to be adjustable, so a half- and three-quarter sized violins will be just as snug, cozy and protected as a full-sized instrument. It's literally a one-size-fits-all case that will grow with you - so you never need to upgrade.
  • StrapTECH. Your shoulder rest fits neatly and safely underneath the neck of your violin, fastened securely by the StrapTECH fastening system.

Once the violin is tucked neatly inside, it is secured with a water-resistant exterior, including a nylon zipper and durable, tour-quality hardware, providing greater protection from the elements.

Ergonomic design ensures a lightweight, comfortable carry

String musicians have to take good care of their bodies, as well as their instruments. Things like poor posture, incorrect technique, etc., can lead to injury. Carrying your instrument can also take its toll, which is why violinists appreciate the CrossTECH violin case's lightweight, comfortable design.

And when we say "lightweight," we mean it. Even though your violin benefits from a hard case design, the use of innovative materials & technology has led to a 5-lb case.

It's designed for ergonomic carrying benefits as well, using three different transportation options - an over-sized hand-hold, comfortable (and storable) straps that can be used over the shoulder, across the chest or worn as a backpack, and the ever-convenient subway handle.

Customized storage for accessories and more

In an effort to keep things as streamlined, efficient and convenient as possible, the designers of Revelle's CrossTECH created customized storage options for all of your musical and instrument accessory needs, including:

  • Secure space to store two, fractional- or full-sized bows.
  • A removable inner-pouch that holds rosin, mutes, digital tuners and other small accessories.
  • Large, external pouches that remain flush to the case, or easily expand to accommodate your sheet music, rehearsal notes, tablets, slim folders and other, larger items.

Are you in the market for a new violin case? The Revelle CrossTECH is one of the best and most affordable options out there. It provides superior protection, thoughtful, customized storage options - and its lightweight design is a major bonus.

While musicians will enjoy all of the bells and whistles, parents can appreciate that its versatile design and ability to hold multiple-sized violins means it may be the first and last violin case you ever need to purchase. The case comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and Connolly Music backs that up with our own, satisfaction-guarantee. 

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Top image of the Revelle CrossTech Violin Case courtesy of Connolly Music.

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