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How Social Media Can Help You Attract New Music Students

Have you ever wished that you could increase your student enrollment without spending a huge amount of money? Would you like to implement a marketing plan to spread the word about your music training services, but think that you’ll need to hire expensive consultants? Many music instructors rely on a certain enrollment numbers to cover their overhead costs, but when attendance levels drop, they aren’t sure what actions to take to attract new students.

You can increase the number of students in you classes and improve your contact methods with both parents and students using social media outlets. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others offers a unique way to advertise your service and attract new students. They only require a small amount of time, and once you’ve set them up, you can allocate a few minutes a day to maintaining them. They’re effective because they’ve become a primary source of information for school age kids, and you can instantly attract your target audience using their resources.

However, before you begin, you’ll need to understand which options would be the best for promoting your music services. Although a basic website figures largely in your marketing plan, with these tools you can direct people to your service. You’ll want to choose a few from among the ones that offer good community outreach, but don't shy away from those that focus solely on professional networking. By familiarizing yourself with the various network options, you can pick the ones that will have the biggest impact on attracting new students.

Music instructors should look into the following platforms for the specific impact they can have in attracting new music students.


What started as a small college application about 12 years ago has transformed into one of the largest, most popular social media sites. Facebook is free to sign up, and it offers additional marketing options that allow you to get your service in front of more people. With over 1.5 billion active users, it can be used to target your local area, so that your posts are viewed by prospective students.

The optional 'pages' feature gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with your friends and family, as well as your business. Use it to share announcements, photos, videos, and other content, which is an excellent option for service professionals.

Moreover, it is very effective for communicating with your current students and parents. When you post pictures and videos of recitals, your students will want to share those with their contacts, creating an effective word-of-mouth campaign. Just make sure you get approval to use those items publicly. You can include that information in your standard release, giving parents the option of using their child’s image. Consider making informative posts such as:

  • How music increases brain functions and benefits academic performance
  • Fun profiles of cool musicians who play specific instruments
  • Instructional videos
  • Scheduling announcements and recital information


This is another social media platform that can attract new students. By posting instructional and performance videos, you give you students additional training and a way to show off their skills.

YouTube videos are highly effective for outreach. Although many people forget this site when considering social media, it’s perfect for music instructors because it allows you to upload instructional videos that show your technique. Students will also love being featured on videos that appear on your site, and once you’ve added them to YouTube, you can easily post them on Facebook or Twitter.


This social media outlet allows you to make brief comments on scheduling announcements, post pictures, or upload short videos. Like Facebook and YouTube, you don’t have to post constantly to make it effective, and your current students can share posts with their peers.

Twitter also lets you post polls so that you can make performance and recital decisions that will work well with your current students and parents. The re-tweeting and sharing options make it easy to spread the word and it offers the possibility of your service going viral.


This site is based on entirely photo or video content, and with 400 million users and splendid mobility, it allows you to make posts very quickly. Since the platform is artistically based, you’ll want to include inspiring pictures, memes, and other fun items that will attract new students.

Social media gives you an immediate opportunity to promote your service and entice new students. However, they also offer an effective communication channel that improves your ability to keep your current students (and their parents) informed about upcoming events and venues. Each one of these platforms only require a valid email address to open and maintain. So, what are you waiting for? Open an account today to discover the impact social media can have on attracting higher enrollment numbers for your class.

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