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Summer Workshops for Educators 2019 – Apply Now!

Most people imagine summer camp as a “kid thing.” Music educators know summer break is a time for adult music camp, too – in the form of workshops, continuing education credits (CECs) or even working on those last graduate degree units.

Here is a list of some of our favorite educator-based workshops around the country – but don’t forget to check in with your area’s local junior colleges and universities (as well as music stores) in case there’s something great available right in your neighborhood.

Enjoy a Summer Teacher Retreat at Jacobs School of Music (Indiana)

This one is near and dear to our hearts – The Summer Teacher Retreat at Jacobs School of Music features some incredibly professional string players, including Mimi Zweig, Rebecca Henry, James Przygocki, Sherry Sinift and Elizabeth Zempel. Among the usual roster of subjects and forums relevant to educators, including private lessons and master classes, some of the sessions focus on using the Retreat Principles in public school instruction.

Application deadline: May 17


Head Next Door to Illinois State University’s College of Fine Arts

As long as you’re attending The Summer Teacher Retreat in Indiana, why not migrate one neighbor to the West and visit the College of Fine Arts at ISU?

In addition to a special session dedicated to conducting and directing, their summer program also offers courses and programs that count towards CECs or ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) professional development hours, such as Foundations of American Music Education and Romantic Styles, which offers an analytical inquiry into the compositional techniques of major composers during the Romantic period. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet music educators from around the nation and expand your professional knowledge and training.

First Registration Deadline: May 26. Prices increase thereafter.


How About Heading to Carnegie Hall?

Always wanted to play in Carnegie Hall? This could be your chance. The Carnegie Hall Music Workshop takes place each July and offers 100 lucky K-12 educators around the nation the opportunity to strengthen their skills in a series of professional training and musical activities. During the intense 4-days, you’ll have the time to focus on ensemble instruction and classroom strategies, observe student-ensemble demonstration rehearsals, build a community of peers, and interact with the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America (NYO-USA).

These spots fill up fast so keep this one on your radar and one of these days you can say you’ve played at Carnegie Hall – even if it wasn’t a solo concert.

Early Registration Ends: April 30th


Keep Your Eye on The National Association for Music Education Calendar

The National Association for Music Education (NAFME) has a wide range of conferences, workshops, and events that take place year-round, including summer workshops – all geared towards professional development. This year’s summer workshops are titled, Teaching Guitar Workshops, focused on teaching and supporting music teachers who want to make string class more accessible to a wider range of students by offering guitar instruction.


Spend a Week or Two at SMU Meadows School of the Arts

Texas provides a relatively central location for out-of-state conference attendees, and SMU Meadows School of the Arts offers a wide range of educator-based workshops and conferences. Most are one-week sessions offered in June and July. Examples of the workshops include:

  • Introduction to Eurhythmics: The Importance of Movement in the Music Classroom
  • The Art of Teaching Orchestra
  • Orff Schulwerk Levels I, II, and III as well as an Orff Schulwerk session titled, “Music and Dance of Diverse Cultures

Registration Deadline: Courses offered on a first registered, first served basis.


University of the Arts Could Help You Complete Your Graduate Degree

Historically, experienced musicians have been able to slip through the credentialing loophole, but these days it makes sense to complete an advanced degree if you’re pursuing a career as a music teacher. If nothing else, those extra credits make a notable impact in your paycheck – and your retirement package.

The University of the Arts offers summer programs that count towards a graduate degree or can be transferred through your school district as Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Registration Deadline: Open registration, courses close when full.


Continue Growing as a Musician at the DePaul School of Music

Sometimes, the best way to connect with and engage your students is to identify with their experiences as student learners. Instead of being the teacher with all of the expertise and answers, you may find your experience as a student in the Summer Music at DePaul composition intensive is just the thing to stretch your own abilities and comfort zone, and to remember what it’s like to be a student.

Your students will love hearing about your experience, especially if you’re willing to share your vulnerabilities and stories of imperfection with them.

Registration Deadline: Open registration, courses close when full.

Summer workshops, classes, and intensives are just the ticket for rekindling your love of music, your passion for string instruments, and to help you be the best music educator you can be.

Image courtesy of Carnegie Hall YouTube - Carnegie Hall Kronos Quartet Workshop: Argus Quartet Performance

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