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What Popular Songs Can I Play On The Violin?

The violin is known for its rich, distinctive sound. Classical melodies, haunting sonatas, or toe-tapping, hand-clapping country and bluegrass music can all be produced on this versatile instrument. However, the violin is most closely associated with orchestras, and the symphonic—and very structured—music of the great composers.

Therefore, many new students wonder what popular songs (if any) can be played on the violin. Because, be honest… none of your friends were ever like, “Hey, that concerto in D Major really rocked!”

But, you can actually learn to play many of the most popular songs from a variety of decades and genres on the violin. In fact, the violin has been used in all types of music all around the world for centuries.  Especially now, with all of the forms of crossover music, both the electric and acoustic violin are now being used by a number of big name bands and famous artists.

From pop music’s chart toppers to country music’s most memorable melodies and everything in between there are many popular songs to play on the violin that you listen too every day.

If you can’t think of any songs right off the top of your head that include the violin, this list can get you started. It includes popular songs from various genres and the sheet music to play it!


Country, Classics, and More…

Try these popular songs to play on the violin:

Surprising, isn’t it?

Whether you are a beginner violinist or an expert, it’s nice to know that there are many incredibly popular songs to play on the violin.  You can learn to play cutting edge instrumentals that anyone will recognize, and impress your friends when they hear a hit song they really like.

And of course, even if some of your favorite songs don’t feature the violin that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt. The violin is so versatile you can play almost any song you like on it.

And although most of the popular songs to play on the violin listed above will cost less than $5 to access the full sheet music, there are some sites that offer collections and others that provide free access to violin sheet music.

So, have fun, search around. You can be playing the most popular songs on your violin in no time.

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