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Who Can Help Me Decide Which Violin To Buy?

Who can help me decide which violin to buy  http://www.connollymusic.com/revelle/blog/who-can-help-me-decide-which-violin-to-buy @revellestringsWhether you’re a beginning student or you’ve been playing on a rental instrument for a while, when you decide that you’re ready to purchase a violin the choice can be confusing and overwhelming. With practically no standard industry guidelines, choosing which violin to buy is very difficult. Plus, the instrument you choose will likely last for quite a while, so you need to make sure that you make the right decision.

Finding knowledgeable people to help you is a great way to prevent costly regret. But choosing between your violin teacher and a reputable stringed instrument dealer for help actually limits your options. Both of these individuals can offer you key insights into getting the best quality violin for your money; however, the insights vary depending on who you ask. So you need to know what to ask each person, as well as any other sources of information that can help you decide on your violin purchase.   


If you’ve been learning to play violin through a private instructor or at school, your teacher has many reasons to provide honest, helpful information when it comes to buying your instrument.

Individuals who teach violin have a passion for imparting their knowledge to their students, and they know that a great quality violin is easier to play, and therefore, easier to learn and master. They want you to succeed! And, they understand that to learn, you must enjoy playing your violin.

Indeed, learning to play the violin is so much more fun when you approach this new skill equipped with an instrument that sounds great right from the start.  

Your teacher can help you determine:

  • The exact size violin you need—correct sizing is extremely important!
  • Tonal quality—the sound the violin makes through its ability to resonate properly
  • The reputable dealers in your area who will have a good selection of violins for sale


Stringed instrument dealers typically carry a selection of instruments and accessories, and many even employ luthiers on their staff to perform set-up, restringing, or other repairs on violins. A dealer is a great source of information when you are choosing a violin. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or automatically conclude that all of the information you learn is designed to sell you whatever happens to be in stock.

Dealers rely on their reputation for delivering quality products, especially durable, rich sounding violins. Plus, they are usually better informed about industry brands. And, just like your instructor, they possess a deep love of music so they will be glad to help guide you in your decision.

A qualified dealer can tell you:

  • About the materials used to make the violin
  • The differences in the models he or she has available, i.e. maker, brand, age
  • Other facts about violin construction and care

Other Information

Making an informed decision about choosing a violin requires a little research. Go online (or have your parents help you) to search through various violinist websites. Some ideas to search include:

  • Which violin brand offers the best tonal quality for beginners?
  • Are there any great beginner violin kits that combine great quality at a fair, affordable price?

Also, don’t forget to physically play every instrument that you are considering. It’s a good idea to have a few extra pairs of ears along with you so that you can get disinterested opinions about the tone.

Moreover, keep in mind that no matter how beautiful in appearance or how attractive the price is, if you don’t personally like a particular violin, keep looking. It’s best to choose an instrument that fits your size, sounds beautiful, and that you’ll eagerly want to practice on and play. 

Violin being played