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5 Tips For Programming An Awesome Spring Concert: What Draws An Audience

The spring months can be an ideal time to schedule a live concert at your school. Not only is the Earth waking up from a long winter nap, but people are looking forward to going out more to enjoy the arts and music. A concert is a great time for the community to get together to experience the bright new talent among your students. It can also be a good time to generate more interest and support for your school’s music program.

How can you put together a rousing spring concert that will draw an audience to your school? Here are some tips for attracting a full house for an awesome spring concert.

Pick the right date and location for your spring concert 

Depending on the region your concert will take place, its important to choose the best time and place for the spring concert. In colder climates, an inside venue such as a theater, college auditorium, or gymnasium should work well. The school is likely to have a directory of places to host the concert, if you choose to hold it offsite. Warmer climates allow for outdoor events in the spring. A good place may be an outdoor garden or courtyard area of the school, or the sporting arena. The date should not correspond with any holidays, which can make it easier for people to find time to attend. Consider your audience too. If you hope to attract a young audience, late afternoon and evening performances work well. For older audience members, a weekend matinees or early evening may be the best. 

Choose the best musical compositions for your audience 

The key to an outstanding concert is to put together a musical program that takes advantage of compositions that are perfect for a springtime theme. Think George Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue, or Mozarts Requiem for starters. Or you may even choose a more contemporary themed concert, like Evan Ziporyn’s spin on David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar' album. Whatever you decide, the goal is to draw an audience with inspiring music, atmosphere, and the skills of your student musicians. Think about your intended audience and what they may enjoy the most, as you make your musical selections.

Need some quick ideas? Here are some popular cello compositions for your upcoming spring concert. 

Invite the best musicians for the spring concert 

Make your spring concert outstanding by gathering your students and holding an audition. Depending on your concert theme, you may need a number of musicians, singers and dancers to make the performance complete. This is a learning experience for all as they demonstrate their skills and learn to work with others. Make selections based on each individual’s demonstration of performance and where they best fit into the concert program. 

The goal is to bring out the best in each player and work with musicians who care about their craft, including the care and maintenance of their instruments and strings.

Take the audience on a musical journey 

Each concert program should be based on a journey of sound with a story behind it. The National Association for Music Education asked a few seasoned music instructors and directors what makes for the best concert. Angela Brooks, an instructor with the D. Foulois Creative and Performing Arts Academy in Suitland, Maryland said to research the music well and make sure that it tells a story well. Corey Ames, director of bands at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois said to focus on the emotional connection with the music itself and be creative. When the audience can relate to the message in the music, it is much more appealing, and can draw additional people to attend. 

Provide well-crafted program notes

In order for your audience to get the best possible feel for your concert, its critical to create a well-written set of program notes. This can include a list of the songs and composers, a bio of each featured performer, and a brief history of the musical period or theme. Make it personal and get the community to support your school music program by offering merchandise or concessions. If you are playing to support a cause or a charity, make sure to state this in the programming too. 

Remember, a spring concert is just the start of a fantastic season of music and arts in your community and your school. Make it fun, interactive, and friendly for all ages and it will be a successful event.

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