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Can Playing The Violin Help My Child Get In To A Private School?

can playing the violin help my child get in to a private school  http://www.connollymusic.com/revelle/blog/can-playing-the-violin-help-my-child-get-in-to-a-private-school @revellestringsIn today’s society, a person’s educational background (would we say 'may be', or 'is many times - instead of an always assumption?) is paramount to opening the doors for future employment and lifelong success. Therefore, parents often worry about providing the best education for their children.

Options like advanced home-schooling and exclusive private schools seem to offer superior academic curriculums, designed to provide the optimum resources needed for well-rounded instruction, but private schools habitually have the advantage over home-school options for a number of reasons. In addition to distinct social interaction and a variety of extra-curricular activities, home-schooling is virtually impossible in two-earner households.

Consequently, you may wonder if knowing how to play the violin will help your child get into a private school. Because, as you probably know, private school enrollment can be very competitive.


Depending on the school, the criteria for gaining entrance into private schools vary. However, much like a highly-sought college acceptance, most exclusive private schools have a fairly detailed application process. It typically involves essay submissions, tests, parent-child interviews, and previous transcripts. Teacher or personal recommendations are also often part of the admission process.  

Although most all of these items are considered (and of course, the ultimate decision is based on the specific school’s judgement parameters), the students who are accepted to limited private schools are often chosen for their unique capabilities, intelligence, or some other factor. In this regard, knowing how to play the violin can be a beneficial trait. But, the level of proficiency can also impact the decision.

Maximizing a Musical Advantage

Parents and prospective students can maximize the advantage of knowing how to play the violin for their private school application process. But remember, the actual benefits will naturally depend on the specific school you are trying to get into, and how their acceptance board views your child’s performance, test scores, and recommendations.

However, you can maximize the advantage of your child’s violin proficiency by starting early. If you know that you’d like your child to attend a private school, he or she can start music instruction at a very early age. Indeed, studies have shown that the earlier the better. Early music instruction effects cognitive processes in positive ways, including logic and mathematical comprehension.

The age-appropriate tests that your child will take for private school admission will be based on standardized information, therefore early music instruction can help your child excel on these tests.

It’s also a good idea (for older student applicants) to keep a practice journal that shows their continued dedication and their aptitude for remaining consistent. This type of evidence displays to the private school admissions board intangible character traits that often influence their decision more than simple academic tests.

Other Ideas

Since your child may need to display his or her violin proficiency, you can do your best to make sure that the performance is the best it can be. A poor quality violin leaves much to be desired in the tonal quality and sound projection features that make a great impression.

Fortunately, there are some new brands available that combine beautiful sound and hand-crafted quality with reasonable cost. Beginner and intermediate level violins that feature excellent tonewoods for superior performance are a pleasure to play, and help maintain your child’s enthusiasm and enjoyment.

The violins are initially crafted in climate controlled production facilities, and then fitted out by a professional luthier to offer the best of both worlds. For typically around $500, students get an instrument that plays splendidly and parents are assured that they’re investing in a quality violin that will foster their child’s abilities.

Gaining admittance into the private school of your choice really depends on the criteria of the specific establishment. But, you can help your child reach that goal by starting music and violin instruction early, and maintaining constant practice. That way, when it’s time to fill out those private school applications, your child can improve his or her odds by being able to offer well-rounded submissions.

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