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Dominant 135SNP vs. Dominant 135B Violin Set: Which Is Better?

Listen with Connolly Music as we compare the new Dominant 135SNP violin set with the Dominant 135B violin set.  Garrett outlines the differences between the two E-string options in the Dominant 135SNP and 135B sets. Both sets have the standard Dominant aluminum A, D, and G strings. The only difference in sound is the E-strings. The 135SNP Bonus set is also a great value!

To start it off, Garrett has installed the Dominant 135SNP; this set features the newly released 129SN carbon steel tin-plated E-string. You will immediately notice that the E-string has beautiful warmth, radiance, and the ability to project. This string also has a slightly thicker gauge to fit more comfortably under your fingers. 

After watching the video, you can hear the difference between the two E-strings. The 129 lends a more brilliant focus quality, but the 129SN adds a richer, fuller-bodied texture to the Dominant set. It has a higher resistance to bow pressure, so you can dig in and fully modulate the tone and character—even in softer dynamics. Best of all, it barely whistles! We hope you enjoy this video.