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Introduce Your Students To Musical Composition With The Noteflight App!

Introduce Your Students To Musical Composition With The Noteflight App! http://www.connollymusic.com/revelle/blog/introduce-your-students-to-musical-composition-with-the-noteflight-app @revellestrings

Music training offers a wealth of benefits for students. In addition to improvements in academic performance, learning to play an instrument provides lifelong benefits that boost brain functions and develop marketable skills like teamwork and executive abilities. However, adding composition into the mix enriches those aspects by including problem solving and other advanced visualization techniques that enhance the learning and the cognitive connections created by music education. Indeed, learning to compose music broadens students’ horizons beautifully.

And although learning to compose music may seem daunting at first, you can help your students develop this remarkable skill or expand their natural ability by introducing them to the Noteflight App. Since children today are inundated into a technology centered environment, Noteflight utilizes that familiarity to create a learning experience that is both intuitive and effective.

What is Noteflight?

Noteflight is an online app that allows users to compose, view, and share music notation from any web browser. However, rather than basic composition software, Noteflight allows users to edit, print, and playback written music from any connected device. With a free account you become part of a global network of musicians who are able to write music directly on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. But, in addition to the free access, students have the option to enroll in a premium subscription that includes many other features that really stimulate creativity.

And although students may open their own account and start composing original scores immediately, when you, as a music educator, tap in to Noteflight Learn, the results are really amazing.

Innovative Resources

In addition to the basic Noteflight App, the Noteflight Learn option is an incredible resource for educators and students. This enhancement includes all the benefits of the premium subscription, but Noteflight Learn establishes classroom sites that are a miniature version of, yet wholly separate from the public site, and which are COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant.

The embedded tools allow students and instructors to access a variety of easy access features that gauge both performance and assessment and include:

  • Creation—each user is able to compose and arrange their own music with the notation feature, and educators may develop specific resources for their students, as well as view student accounts to monitor progress.
  • Performance—with each piece of music, students can play along or listen to specific parts or the entire score. Plus, each piece has an adjustable key signature and tempo to allow students to practice at their own pace. Performances can be recorded, saved, and submitted for both feedback and assessment.
  • Communication and Collaboration—with discussion forums, score comments, and annotation available, the users in your class can participate in on-going communication that supports learning development. The emphasis is placed on collaboration, so that your responses are viewed in relation to a greater understanding of music and composition.
  • Teacher Tools—Noteflight Learn provides teachers with unlimited access to group and ensemble creation and a variety of activity templates and controls, so that you can pinpoint areas of improvement for specific students and organize class lessons more efficiently.

Additional Enhancements

Slated for release in 2016, the Noteflight Learn App will feature even more ways for students to develop composition skills. It will allow users to:

  • Access extended content libraries for band, orchestra, guitar and choir
  • Utilize improved assignment and grading tools
  • Record directly onto various scores to enhance performance

Discovering ways to enrich music education can be a struggle, but by introducing your students to the Noteflight app, you can encourage them to expand their knowledge. Notoriously easy to use, its intuitive layout makes it easy for students and teachers to navigate the various features.

Beneficial for class work, homework, and just plain free creativity, this app will provide an outstanding extension to your lesson plans. The innovative use of technology creates a music-centric environment that focuses on collaboration, excellence, and imagination, so your students can reach new musical heights; and the annual membership price of this App is ridiculously low for all of the activities and tools you receive. To find out more, check out the Noteflight website. As a fun way to learn music composition, there’s really no better source.

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