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What If My Parents Don't Support My Decision To Play The Violin?

If you’ve recently decided that you’d like to learn to play the violin, you’ll be joining an exclusive group of musicians. Serious artists who want to excel at the violin, and who are dedicated to becoming part of a limited group of talented players like John Bell, Hillary Hahn, or Allison Krauss.

But, like all great performers, sometimes you’ve got to overcome obstacles to your success. If your parents aren’t thrilled with your decision to play the violin, you’ve got to convince them that it isn’t just a passing fancy. The investment and purchase of an instrument is reasonable because with proper care your violin will last, but obviously, they’re not going to want to spend money on something that you’ll give up quickly.

These tips can help you convince your parents that your decision to play the violin isn’t just a whim. There are three major advantages for learning the violin: better grades, more rounded extracurricular activities for collage acceptance, and positive social benefits. You can also share this article with them about the benefits of playing the volin.

Get Better Grades

Your parents will love this benefit. Music instruction, especially on the violin, has been proven in numerous studies to enhance students’ GPAs.

Closely associated with mathematical concepts, when you present your decision to play the violin, highlight the fact that music instruction can help you learn math theories easier and faster. This is especially important as you prepare for higher learning in college.

Here are a list of trustworthy sources you can cite about how playing the violin can improve your grades:

Boost College Application Forms

The most competitive schools look at your list of extracurricular activities when considering whether or not to grant acceptance. But, rounding out your application by being able to include violin is a great distinguisher.

Plus, when you are part of a string ensemble, being a violinist offers key insights into your exceptional abilities (things that college acceptance boards look for) like:

  • Being able to perform in a group
  • Participating in competitions and charitable functions
  • Being able to use both sides of your brain
  • Demonstrates your commitment to pursue challenges, and overcome them

Positive Social Benefits

When you participate in a select group of musicians—such as a string ensemble or bluegrass band—you become part of a team who must rely on each other to create beautiful harmony. The lessons you’ll learn about cooperation, timing, and being a team-player transfer to other areas of your life.

  • Learn the value of teamwork
  • Be part of a select group of peers
  • Build skills that will help you succeed in your later chosen profession

Other Benefits

And, just so you can WOW your parents into supporting your decision to play the violin, here’s a few other fun, interesting benefits to learning this instrument:

  • Professional orchestra members average six-figure salaries! (Work Chron.com)
  • Playing gigs (weddings, corporate functions, or other venues) can often net violin players $150-300 per job.
  • Playing the violin helps improve posture.
  • Music has been scientifically proven to boost mood and powers of concentration. (Netdoctor)

You can show your parents that you are serious about your decision to play the violin by finding out all the benefits of playing the violin. And, your commitment to discover all of these benefits will display your mature ability to keep at it, and succeed. 

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