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Jonathan Warren's Thoughts On Magic Rosin

Meet Jonathan H. Warren, a professional fiddler, five-string violinist, violist, and mandolinist out of Nashville, Tennessee. Watch this new Magic Rosin video review as Warren highlights the benefits of why he uses Magic Rosin. In it, he describes the perfect rosin. His criteria for the ideal rosin are: It must have a great grip on the strings. It must be fully customizable. Last but not least, it must be extremely durable. As many musicians know, being on the road or keeping a music accessory in your instrument case can damage things quickly.

There's no question that Magic Rosin checks all these boxes! It can be customized with any logo, photo, or illustration that you’d like. It has a superior grip and its protective clear case with cover is almost indestructible so even if you shake it around on the go, it stays in the same state in which you left it. Play like the professionals. Get your Magic Rosin today


(00:00): Okay, so here's a challenge for you. Describe the perfect rosin. I'll go first. For me, it's got to give me a super grip on the strings. My bow has got to not slip and slide around when I'm doing the fast fiddling, the chopping. It's got to be really extra crispy for me.

(00:15): Second, I really want it to be completely customizable. I want to be able to throw a picture on there, or a logo, like a picture of my daughter, for example, make it completely my rosin, undeniably.

(00:26): Then I really want it to be well protected. This rosin gets thrown around in my case, gets thrown around on the stage, drops off music stands. I want it in an indestructible, virtually unbreakable case so that when that happens, I don't have to worry about needing a new rosin cake, right? Thankfully they already make that. It's called Magic Rosin. Really awesome. You got to try it.