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Martha Mooke for Magic Rosin

Martha Mooke, director of Multi-Style Strings at New Jersey City University, is an electroacoustic violinist, improviser, and composer who loves Magic Rosin! In this video, she reviews Magic Rosin and explains why it’s her preferred choice of rosin.

Martha highlights her extensive collection of instruments and bows while explaining why she only uses Magic Rosin. Discover why musicians of all levels can benefit from Magic Rosin, whether they're violinists, violists, or cellists.


(00:00):  Hey, this is Martha Mooke, electroacoustic violist, composer, improviser, composer, director of multi-style strings at New Jersey University, and I'm here to talk to you about Magic Rosin. 

(00:13): That's all I use. I have a bunch of violas. I have a lot of bows, violin bows, viola bows. And I only use Magic Rosin, and it's not just because it looks really cool. 

(00:25): They got all kinds of designs and this is my favorite, the shiny blue. But it's really great. 3G is the flavor I use on all my bows. But I also had a specially made design of the cover of my CD "No Ordinary Window." So they do customizations, which is really cool too. 

(00:44): So it's great rosin, it looks really cool, and all my students really love it too. I can't say enough good things about Magic Rosin. I've been using it for many years, and I plan to keep using it for many years to come. 

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