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Inspirational Summer Vacations For Music Teachers

As the summer approaches, not only do music teachers dream about taking a break from the rigors of instruction, but they are also looking forward to renewing their spirits through an inspirational retreat. Performing and teaching students music can be exhausting and it’s common to feel a bit burnt out by the end of the school year. The summer months can be an ideal time to escape the classroom, earn continuing education credits, and learn some new instructional methods. Therefore, a summer vacation designed specifically for music teachers is in order.

Summer music festivals

Nearly every city has a summer music festival open to ages 18-60. This can be a great time to practice your musical skills alongside peers and become inspired once again. Some of the exciting classical musical festivals that are popular with instructors include the Atlantic Music Festival, Killington Music Festival, and the Philadelphia International Music Festival. Other opportunities include intensive weekends at New England Conservatory and Vancouver Symphony Orchestral Institute.

Self-designed teaching fellowships 

Funds for Teachers provides access to generous grants that allow music teachers the opportunity to design their own fellows experience. Teachers may travel to their choice of hundreds of international locations and experience the music, culture and educational methods of the region. This includes visiting other music schools and college programs where you can learn how to improve your students’ experiences. 

Travel abroad to learn other musical cultures 

The Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program provides a special grant for teachers to spend 3 to 6 months experiencing the educational practices of other countries. The summer can be a good time to get started. The program is sponsored by the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and is designed to allow instructors to immerse themselves in best practices in international education, share professional expertise, and develop their leadership skills in a diverse environment. 

Teaching retreats 

Would you like to book a stay at a fantastic location and engage with others in a music experience — all while getting paid? Why not put together or participate in a summer music teacher retreat? There are many resorts and retreat centers available around the world that allow for musicians to gather together. Start small with a drumming circle or a small music group. Grab your notes and work on that film composition you've been struggling with. 

Visit a famous museum or gallery 

As musicians, there is nothing like being around other artists to inspire us. Take the time to book a brief summer vacation to a famous museum or gallery where you can experience in person the best of the art world. Some great options include the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, or the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. No time to travel? There are hundreds of local art museums in every small city where you can spend an afternoon basking in the beauty of the visual arts. 

Head for a concert

This summer is expected to be among the best for summer music concerts with outstanding classical musical artists. The lineup this summer includes such favorites as the Spoletto Festival in South Carolina and the Sarasota Music Festival in Florida. Plan a summer vacation that puts you in proximity of one of these concerts and find inspiration in new artists and seasoned professionals. Spend your off-time soaking up some sunshine on nearby beaches.  

Go on the road 

Think you have what it takes to perform with a music group? Rent a van, and head for the open road! Your music group can be made up of other educators or colleagues in the musical world. Call ahead and get booked for performances at colleges, cafes, and clubs that are eager to hear something new. By the end of the summer, you’ll be inspired and have some great stories to share with your students when school resumes. 

Get out of the classroom and enjoy the best of the classical music scene with any one of these ideal summer vacation ideas. You’ll find inspiration along the way that will re-energize your soul and help you become a better teacher in the coming year.

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