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Recommended Summer String Music Camps for Children and Adults

Recommended Summer String Music Camps for Children and Adults http://www.connollymusic.com/revelle/blog/recommended-summer-string-music-camps-for-children-and-adults @revellestringsSummer is nearly here, and rather than spend the next three months ignoring their instruments, many music students look for opportunities to advance their skill. And although private classes can be used to fill the summer gap, attending a great summer string music camp or violin camp is a fun, wonderful way to ensure that you don’t lose any of the new skills you’ve developed. Plus, you’ll be able to meet new friends and explore additional performing opportunities.

Many of the most popular string courses, programs, and educational resources sponsor their own summer music camps.

Suzuki Association of the Americas

The Suzuki approach (or method) has been helping students learn to play violin for over 50 years. Developed as a comprehensive form of instruction that includes parental guidance, listening, repetition, and encouragement. The association is conducting a myriad of summer camps this year, all over the continent, beginning with their Fairbanks Institute at the end of May. To see a list of their complete schedule click here.

Levine Music

Located in Washington DC, Levine Music offers tons of summer music string camps, classes, and workshops for any age student violinists. Click here for a complete list of their planned activities.


Scor! String Camp is designed for adult learners. Located throughout the U.S., if you are looking for a fun way to increase your sight reading skills, orchestra playing, or basically any skill associated with playing a stringed instrument, this camp has the tools and trainers to help you perfect your techniques. Although some of the camps have already sold out, click here for a comprehensive schedule of upcoming music camps.

Finding Summer Strings Camps by State

The following list explores the summer programs for children and adults available throughout the U.S. Follow the links to learn more about specific dates, times, and locations. If your state isn’t listed, look for music camp locations offered by the well-known methods above.


By attending a summer string music camp, you can keep your skills honed and enjoy meeting new violinists this summer.is a stringed instrument right for you