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The Short Story of Passage Practicing Part 3 of 3 - The Metronome

Practicing with a metronome is an important skill to have as a musician. Using a metronome keeps the tempo and can also help you know when to switch between movements in your piece.

Practicing a Passage Using a Metronome

In this third video installment, Mimi reviews how to practice a passage playing with a metronome. Her first tip for practicing with the metronome effectively is that all notes must be played at the same volume. So, if one note has more emphasis than another (e.g., a louder or longer sound), then use two beats on each note instead of four beats per note as you would normally do without the metronome present. 

Mimi provides several other tips as well in the video above, so be sure to watch it completely (and don't hesitate to replay it over and over until it all sinks in). 

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