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Are There Any Fun Violin Cases?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for a while, as a violinist, you know that your instrument needs special care to maintain its excellent tonal quality, and that your case plays a very important role in making sure that happens. In fact, it is the foremost way to protect your violin from accidental damage, the expansion and contraction caused by changes in humidity, and to safely store your fragile bow. 

But, as important as your case is to the care of your instrument, many musicians don’t want their case to look dull and boring. Its appearance and style says a lot about your personality. Many violinists want their case to be just as creative and expressive as the music they make with their violin, but wonder “Are there actually any fun violin cases?”

The answer is yes!

Whether it’s bright colors or bold patterns, you can find many creative ways to express your unique personality and style with fun violin cases

Moreover, there are many different ways to make your violin case a fun, spirited extension of your music, but they usually fall under two main distinctions: you can either purchase a non-boring case from the endless amount of stores available, or you can take the meaning of fun violin cases to an all new level and show your creative side by decorating it yourself.

Purchasing a Case

There are many stores that offer fun violin cases that are far from the traditional plain look. Choose from a variety of solid colors, bold patterns, cool shapes, and interior feature options that will really make your violin case stand out. But, be prepared. Ordering outside-the-box styles from a retailer can get pricey. Look to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $150-250.    

However, if you can’t find any styles that suit exactly what you’re looking for, some companies will completely customize fun violin cases to your specific requests. Although slightly more expensive, ordering a customized case offers an easy, convenient way to create a personalized look for your violin’s case.  

Decorating Your Case

If you just can’t find what you’re looking for in a store or online, or if you’d rather not make an investment in a customized case, use your creative talents to decorate your standard case. All it takes is a little imagination and time to transform your plain violin case and jazz it up!

When you take this route the options are absolutely endless. The case becomes whatever you want it to be. Some ideas to get you started include:


  • Paint it! (Choose paint that is approved for the material used for the case such as plastic, vinyl, etc. to make sure that your designs will last)
  • Stencils and other designs… really your best friend will be your local craft store
  • Stickers—thousands of styles to choose from—and, don’t forget there are also rhinstones and other dazzling jewels that can be placed in a variety of outlines, shapes, and patterns.
  • Fabric markers, Colored Sharpies, or other permanent makers work great (just remember to plan out your design first!)
  • Duct Tape—it comes in many cool colors and patterns. Plus it’s easy to tear different sizes and widths so you can make awesome patterns or designs.


  • Choose new fabrics to sew, or patch in places
  • Attach pictures and things that you are passionate about
  • The zipper pull is also another place to add a little extra flare(if you have one). Charms can be bought and attached to it or you can make your own.

Decorating your violin case will definitely take it to the next level because you can make it exactly what you want. And, it’s a much less expensive and inventive way to get a fun violin case.  

You don’t have to carry a standard, run of the mill violin case. By exploring these options, you can have a fun violin case that is an expression of your personality and that reflects the musical harmony of your playing skill.

Check out a few cool violin cases below:

Check out these colorful cases.

Or these uniquely designed cases.

Cases with unique interiors.

Another case with a unique interior.

A more vintage case

A very colorful case. Great for a child or even an adult looking for a unique style!

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