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Latest Apps for Violinists

Posted by Revelle Team on Oct 6, 2016

Learning to play a string instrument like the violin takes a lot of practice. During the first year of training in particular, beginner violin students can find it a challenge to cope with all of the new ideas. Not only must you learn new physical skills, if you’ve never studied music before, there are a number of new musical concepts to grasp, such as notation and intonation. These skills take time to develop.

Fortunately, technology can make your path a little easier. Although the violin is centuries old, there are a number of new ways to learn its fundamentals. In fact, mobile apps can help you learn even if you don’t have access to your violin. New apps for violinists are being developed every year, and they are designed to strengthen sight reading skills, intonation training, and even finger placement. Apps like these give beginner violin students a fun way to enhance training and master new concepts faster for accelerated development. Whether you carry an iPhone or an android device, there are apps for violinists that can transform your abilities.

Use with Your Violin

MyOngaku - Violin Volume 1 This is an iPhone app designed to help beginner violin students get the most from their practice sessions. Designed with the Suzuki method and developed by a number of teachers and performers, this free app has over 500 video lessons that complement the Suzuki School, Volume 1 sheet music. It includes note-by-note annotations and emphasizes fundamental concepts of correct rhythm, fingering, posture, and bowing techniques.

SyncScore : Classical music + score Another free iPhone, iPod app, Syncscore has tons of free classical compositions that enable you to listen and read notation as the music is played. It includes a play-along option and auto-scrolling for all of the full-length tracks included.

Scales Practice This android app is perfect for beginner violin students. Although it was designed for pianists, it helps students learn their scales and the notes. It includes a repetition options that makes it easy to develop your ear. You can customize the tempo of the scales so that you can play along as you view the notes. Get it at the play store for free, or download the plus version that includes more scales and arpeggios.

Music Lifeboat Presents Play Like A Prodigy: Learn Violin This free iPhone app helps benefit the Harmony Project, a charitable organization whose goal is to bring free, exceptional “music education to the world.” Receive video instructions from Virtuoso Musician Vijay Gupta, who plays with the LA Philharmonic. The lessons cover fundamental tasks like bowing position and how to expand your left hand as well as playing advanced techniques.

insTuner Free - Chromatic Tuner Another great example of iPhone apps for violinists is this free chromatic tuner. It features easy to read, large displays and a tone generation aspect that allows you to hear the correct pitch. The fixed note wheel allows you to easily see the pitch with an accuracy level that is 1/1000 of a semitone. Great for beginner violin students who are solidifying their tuning skills, and for experienced players who need an accurate, on-the-spot tuner.

Use Without Your Violin

Interval Recognition-Ear Train This Android app offer excellent training for detecting intervals, clusters (harmonic), phrases, modes / scales, tuning and perfect pitch. With intuitive questions that challenge beginner violin students and allow you to choose the focus of your quizzes according to specific notes or intervals, this free app is a great way to help build your ear recognition, and essentially, your intonation.

Sheet Music Workout This is a very effective, free android app that can help beginner violin students learn to sight read music notation. In addition to quizzing your ability to recognize the notes on the staff, it includes practice modules that build your ability. By showing you a series of notes on the treble clef staff with graduating speeds, it helps build sight reading skills very quickly.

Scale Logic This android app is designed to help beginner violin students better understand key signatures. It includes violin and piano sounds and features easy to understand displays and notation. This free app is perfect for helping students understand scales and harmonics.

The Strad Magazine - Essential Reading for the String Music World Filled with wonderful articles about violinists around the world, this free iPhone app can fill your leisure time with professional advice and keep you up-to-date on the latest string music industry happenings. It features tons of videos, interactive links, and full color photos. Perfect for any string musician, the 30-day trial is free, and afterwards, requires a subscription.

Learning the violin can be more inventive, relaxing, and fun when you use apps for violinists to enhance your training.

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