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10 Can't-Miss Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

It’s that time again. School semesters are winding down, the last of the pumpkin pie and turkey sandwiches have disappeared, and holiday gift-giving is rapidly approaching. But, for those of us who have music lovers on our lists, finding great gift ideas can be a challenge.

Whether you know someone who’s been playing professionally for decades, you want to encourage a new student to continue, or you just know someone who digs everything musical, these 10 Christmas gift ideas will help you find just the right item for any music lover on your list.

  1. Snark Tuner. This gift is a must have for any musician. One of the easiest, most effective electric tuners on the market, Snark tuners clip on to any stringed instrument with a non-abrasive clamp and swivel to allow you to view it from any angle. The wide, clear display face gives you an instant reading so that you can tune your instrument swiftly. Available at many music shops and at Amazon for under $10, Snark tuners or their awesome metronome make a great gift for students or professional players.
  2. Personalized Totes/Home Accessories. Giving a personalized gift makes it very special. The gift itself becomes a lasting memory of how much you care. This company is able to customize a variety of items like gorgeous tote bags and pillows with music themes and monograms. Because they work with customers, you can request specialized items, too. A personalized music case or pillow will make playing and practicing a breeze. Plus, the music lovers on your list will love the attention and detail of your gift. Most personalized items can be purchased for under $40, depending on the detail you want.
  3. Vintage Posters. Although these can be on the pricey side depending on the rarity of the poster, popularity of the band, or other factors, these vintage posters are sure to please any music lovers on your list. Classic rock, pop, and other bands share the spotlight with obscure notables, and customers can shop by artist, venue, series, or performance dates. Prices range from around $80 to upwards of a few hundred for really rare artwork.
  4. Handcrafted, Portable Music Stands. Many people are crafty, but there are some whose products are defined by their craftsmanship. A portable music stand makes a great gift for musicians because it’s easy to transport and handy to use wherever you are, and these “Laydback” items are truly excellent in design and workmanship. They can be purchased for an amazingly affordable $40-$80, and are sure to please the most ardent enthusiast.
  5. Personalized USB Mix Tape. This blast from the past has been updated for today’s technology. Packaged like an old-style cassette tape, this modern classic allows music lovers to make a mix tape of their favorite tunes for a gift or to keep. Listed for less than $30, everyone will flip over the cool design and retro nostalgia that this gift offers.
  6. Music Measuring Spoons. Delight music lovers who also enjoy the culinary arts with hand-made pewter measuring spoons shaped like stringed instruments. Get this set of Mandolin, Guitars, and Banjo for under $35.
  7. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses. We've all seen glass harmonicas, thank you Mr. Ben Franklin, but this gift set takes it to a whole new level. With specific markings, when you fill (or drink) your wine according to the lines on the sides of the glass, you can instantly create clear tones from the major scale. At $65 for a set of two, this gift makes a great conversation piece for the music lovers on your holiday shopping list.
  8. Recycled Record Bowls and Bookends. The perfect home accessory, these recycled items are sure to be a hit. Similar spins on 'old vinyl' include lamps, clocks, and picture frames, and these pieces are affordably priced from around $20 to $60, depending on your selection.
  9. Recycled String Bracelet. If you’re in to green gifts this year, another great item for music lovers is a recycled string bracelet. Very cool and unique, a portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to the Carnival Arts & Masquerade Foundation, and to make it even more personalized, you can enhance it with a birthstone of your choice. This eco-friendly gift is less than $40.
  10. The Moxie Showerhead by Kohler. This item is perfect for music lovers. Stream your favorite playlists, news, or other audio directly into the shower! The water proof wireless speaker also lets you listen in any room in your house, but be aware, this gadget is priced at $200.

This year, surprise the music lover on your list with something he or she will absolutely adore.

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