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How To Clean Violin Strings & Other Instrument Strings

thomastik-logo-1From the Experts at Thomastik-Infeld:


Nowadays the talk seems to be all about sanitizers and disinfection fluids. Many people want to know if it is OK to use them also for cleaning strings. 

The short answer is a clear NO. Please do not apply those materials onto strings. 

Although these liquids are mainly based on alcohol, but they also include many other different components like antiseptics, anti-bacterial, dyestuffs as well as scents. We therefore strongly recommend staying with our string cleaning advise:

Please clean your strings before winding them up with a 99.9% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL (also known as IPA or ISOPROPANOL) and a SOFT MICROFIBER CLOTH only. After playing, use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the strings on the instrument. Don’t use alcohol once the strings are on the instrument to prevent getting alcohol on the wood! 

You can find all the details in our video here:

Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld 

Thanks to Thomastik-Infeld for this great information!