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Thinking About Boveda Packs For Your Instruments?

Why Choose Boveda Packs?

If you are a musician, especially one who plays wooden instruments such as the violin, guitar or viola, then you know how crucial it is to maintain your instrument in the best condition possible. This includes not only playing your instrument regularly and keeping it in good shape but also taking care of its environment.

Benefits Of Boveda

Boveda Packs are a great way to maintain the best humidity level for your instrument. You may find that it takes longer for your instrument to achieve optimum playability and sound quality if you don't maintain it properly at the ideal humidity level which is between 45%-55%.

In order to preserve the wood in your instrument, whether you're purchasing a new instrument or maintaining an existing one, proper care must be taken. The best way to do this? Use Boveda Packs! The humidity levels in your home or studio can fluctuate throughout the day and affect how dry or moist your instrument is. This may lead to cracks in the wood which will cause irreparable damage over time. If you want to avoid these problems, invest in some Boveda Packs for your case today!

How Boveda Works

Boveda packs are made up of pure water and natural salts, which allow them to absorb moisture slowly and precisely. Boveda is so easy to use. Simply tear open the plastic wrapper on your pack, remove the Boveda and position it in your instrument case! Make sure not to add pressure on the top or bottom areas and be cautious not to cut or rip this delicate product.

The more exposure an instrument has outside its protective casing (like being left out overnight), the faster humidity can seep into materials like metal strings, felt pads under keys/strings etc., so extra care needs to be taken when storing longer term as well: always avoid leaving instruments unprotected if possible!  

How Many Packs Will I Need?

The amount of Boveda packs you need for your instrument(s) will vary depending on where in the world you live, what type of case it is stored in and how often it's used. A general rule is one pack per smaller wood-based instrument or electric guitar with a solid body but two should be enough to keep larger wooden instruments safe from typical changes in the environment.

Buy Boveda Today!

Basically, the more humidity control your instrument has, the fewer cracks or warping likely to experience. This means that Boveda packs can help to keep instruments from breaking down over time without having to worry about water damage or needing any additional equipment other than what you already have at home. The best part? It's so easy! All you need to do when using Boveda packs are put them inside your instrument case with your wooden instrument and let them work their magic 24/7 until they're ready to be replaced again (up to 2 - 6 months). So don't wait anymore - get your own set of Boveda packs today!