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Connolly Music's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Musicians, teachers, colleagues, and students will love the range of gift ideas we have to offer. Here are our recommendations for the best holiday gifts this season:


Magic Rosin

Rosin has a perfect personality for students and professionals alike and is the perfect gift for teachers! There are dozens of designs to choose from, or you can design your own!




Boveda’s 2 Way Humidity Control System is the perfect gift for anyone with a stringed instrument. Maintaining the proper humidity level in an instrument case is automatic with these no-maintenance humidity control packs! Shop Now.



Thomastik-Infeld’s Dominant PRO

Thomastik-Infeld's Dominant PRO strings are among the hottest new strings this year. Dominant string - the industry standard - is now available in a step-up model that is extremely powerful and emits a bell-like tone. These strings are perfect for students to professionals – and soloists, orchestra, and fiddle players alike.



Thomastik-Infeld’s Rondo

Rondo strings, for violin viola & cello, have been creating quite a stir in the professional string arena. Delivering next-level performance, they are designed to support soloists with an abundance of complex possibilities and boast a perfectly balanced, powerful fundamental tone with a warm texture. Shop now.

K&MKönig & Meyer

The K&M 19800 Smartphone & Tablet Stand is sure to delight both musicians and non-musicians alike - it assists in everything from watching videos, reading music, taking virtual lessons, and so much more...

Buy your last stand now with K&M premium quality stands! The German-made music stand will delight your favorite musician with its beautiful design and long life. We have many music stands for you to choose from, including the EZ Fold 10040 music stand and the acclaimed 11940 orchestra music stand.

Shop Connolly Music for The Holidays

This holiday season, shop Connolly music to find the perfect gift for the musician in your life! It is impossible to go wrong if you follow the gift suggestions we discussed above.