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The 2020 List of Top 13 Gifts for Music Teachers

1.  Framed Artwork

Music teachers are always looking for ways to decorate their offices, and music-inspired art is a great way to do it. This version has a replica of the 1887 Webster's Dictionary page defines the term "Music Teacher" as "one who is extremely noteworthy."

2. Soundwave Art 

Have you worked with your music teacher for years? Has s/he seen you grow from a nervous beginner into a confident solo performer? If so, consider giving your teacher this amazing Arblox Soundwave. You can send a sound file of your favorite piece of music or theirs, and they convert it into a colorful soundwave. We recommend using a recording of yourself playing your most recent, hard-earned solo or concert piece and honoring your teacher's continual inspiration and dedication.

3. The Spontaneous Song Game

Your classroom teacher is going to love this gift, as will your classmates. Everyone passionate about music becomes a "spontaneous singer," in the sense that any word or phrase can trigger a song. Spontaneous the Song Game capitalizes on that trait, allowing teams to create "trigger words" and then challenging opponents to think of songs that include those words.

4. Monogrammed Magic Rosin

If you're taking music lessons from a strings teacher, odds are they use rosin too. Magic Rosin is one of the best, most pure rosin options on the market. You can create your own custom design and send it to Connolly Music. Or, if you know your teacher's favorite animals, colors, foods, etc., you can choose from among our existing designs. Click here to read notes from Sarah West, the inventor of Magic Rosin, to learn more about it.

5. A Gift Card

Often thought of as an "impersonal gift," we find that gift cards can be incredibly personal when your teacher can use them at favorite places. Choices might include restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters, food delivery services, a music dealer, etc. Your specific choice of gift card shows you pay attention to your teacher as a person.

6. Coffee Mug for the Luddite

Have a teacher who particularly scorns your smartphone use or attention to social media? Then s/he is going to get a hearty chuckle from this coffee mug that states, "THIS IS A SHARP # NOT A HASHTAG!"

7. Mixtape Card Game

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the teacher who loves smartphone technology will enjoy the Mixtape Card Game. In each round, one player draws a scenario card from the deck, and everyone else responds by streaming the song they feel best fits the action using their phone, tablet, or computer. Players then take a vote, and a round winner is declared. Rather than knowledge or skill, the game plays on emotions, memories, and life experiences.

8. Music Note Infinity Loop Scarf

Music teachers love gifts they can use or wear regularly. The Music Note Infinity Loop Scarf is a winner in the latter category. It's stylish, appropriate for anyone who loves music, and the simple black-and-white motif means your teacher can wear it with just about anything.

9. Music Note Pasta

Have a music instructor who is as passionate about food as s/he is about music? Then s/he's going to love this Music Note Pasta. Even better, pair the bags of pasta with some homemade or local, gourmet pasta sauce or pesto and make it a taste-worthy duet to remember.

10. Treble Clef Mug

There's nothing worse than coffee or tea gone cold. The Treble Clef Mug is the solution. Yeti products are renowned for their insulation properties. You can also opt to personalize the mug with your teacher's name, a favorite quote or slogan, an inside joke, or a thoughtful message.

11. Songwriter's Journal

While most people use a digital device to write their songs and compositions, sometimes it's just not as satisfying as pen and paper. If your music teacher is known for writing music, this Songwriter's Journal is just the thing to tuck into a messenger bag, instrument case, or backpack to ensure it's handy when the next great melody springs into life.

12. Pocket DJ Mixer

The majority of the gift items on this list are $20 or less. The Pocket DJ Mixer is a bit pricier but might be the perfect "all-in" gift for your class or ensemble. If everyone contributes a little, a mix-loving music teacher will be wowed by this high-quality, versatile, and easy to use mini-mixer. It needs no power source — it plugs into the headphone jack of your mp3 player, laptop, or phone and instantly amps up your beats. Odds are, you and your friends will be adding it to your gift lists, too!

13. Miniature Violin Ornament

This miniature, steel-string violin ornament will look great on a tree, or even hanging from a rearview mirror or somewhere in the classroom. It's made from real metal, wood, and brass – which adds to its authenticity. You can also find other realistic miniature instrument ornaments – such as a mandolin, piano, or guitar.


This time of year, show your appreciation for your music teacher, who does so much. These gift ideas will make them smile and let them know how much you care.