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Top 8 Gifts for String Musicians

The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to make those gift lists. If you have a string musician in your life, the following eight gift ideas are right up his/her alley. We’ve done our homework and found great gift ideas - at a variety of price ranges - so your gifting respects your budget

1. A new instrument case

String instruments are delicate. Made from thin sheets of wood, and with complex dimensions, they require a decent level of protection and care. While an older, dilapidated, or unsupported soft case may be acceptable for the short term, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and protection.

If you’re gifting a violinist, we’re huge fans of Revelle’s CrossTECH Violin Case. If you have a violist, cellist, or bassist in the family, visit your local music store and review the options.

Price: Revelle’s cases range from $146 to $242, which is on the affordable side of things. Other cases, especially those designed for larger instruments cost more.

2. A new instrument

If you have a quick-growing little one, it may be time to upgrade to a larger instrument. We have a range of posts for you to read about instrument sizing:

Your child may also be ready for a new instrument if s/he is more gifted or passionate about playing than the average student. If competitions and advanced orchestra lessons/classes are the path s/he’s taking, a better-quality instrument will improve overall sound and ease of playing.

Price: Prices vary, depending on whether instruments are new or used, and the manufacturer. If you purchase a string instrument on the expensive side, make sure to add instrument insurance.

3. Magic Rosin

This product always makes it onto our lists of gift ideas for string musicians. We’re big fans of Magic Rosin because of its pure, high-quality resin and one-of-a-kind presentation. You can purchase Magic Rosin in a seemingly infinite number of colors, themes, and patterns. OR, you can submit a custom image or graphic, for more personalized pizzazz.

Price: Most of the ready-to-buy Magic Rosin options cost $16. Custom orders cost $19. However, the website often posts special offers for seasonal, holiday, or specialty releases – so keep your eyes on those, too.

4. Loopy Lou: The DJ In a Box

Is your string musician also a budding composer? While “serious” composers typically work with innovative software composition, your student will be delighted by Loopy Lou’s fun and portable recording abilities.

Loopy Lou is a digital recording tool that fits in the palm of your hand. Hit the red record button to capture vocals or other sounds, and then manipulate them with loops and pitch-bending playback for beat-boxing and all-around audio fun. Plus, it’s handmade, which makes it a beautiful, music-inspired keepsake as well.

5. A gift card for their favorite app store

Most student budgets only accommodate free apps or online resources. However, some of the best apps for musicians can range from $3.00 on up, depending on their quality and feature availability.

Do your homework and learn which app store your giftee uses most often, and then purchase a gift card. This allows students to buy higher-quality composing, music learning, or recording apps they may have passed on otherwise.

6. Backup set(s) of strings

All string musicians know backup strings are essential, because you just never know when one might snap. Thomastik-Infeld is renowned in the industry for manufacturing synthetic core strings that produce high-quality sound – without compromising durability or longevity. Professional cellist, Sol Daniel Kim, is enthusiastic about their Versum Solo sets, and we’re confident your favorite string student will love the sound and feel of Thomastik-Infeld’s strings for violin, viola, or bass as well.

Price: Varies according to instrument and type of strings selected.

7. Musician’s Hand Grip Exerciser

A violinist's left hand (or their right-hand if they're a leftie) gets a workout from holding the violin neck while fingering the strings. While there are plenty of exercises out there to support healthy playing, we love this Musician’s Hand Grip Exerciser because it can fit in the instrument case, or a backpack, offering a means to stretch, flex, and strengthen hands and finger muscles on the go.

Price: $30

8. Mechanical Music Box Set

This mechanical music box set is a fun, clever, and educational tool for music lovers - both young and old. While it comes with a pre-punched strip of music with Happy Birthday, it also comes with three, blank strips and a specialized punching device. With those, musicians can “write” (or, should we say, “punch”) their own tunes to be played via the old-fashioned, wind-able, music box.

What a fun and “real-time” way to practice both music reading and writing skills. You can order extra rolls of the sheet music for infinite possibilities.

Price: $22 for the starter kit (which includes music box and puncher), and $6.50 for extra sets of five, blank strips.

We guarantee you’ll receive a huge, “Thank You,” if any of these top 8 gifts for string musicians make their way into wrapped bags or boxes this holiday season. Happy shopping!

Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld

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