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Best Holiday Gifts for the String Musician

Wondering what to get your budding string musician as a gift for the holiday season? We have plenty of ideas for you, and we’re sure they’ll love each and every one.

An upgraded instrument

Most string musicians start on an instrument designed specifically for beginners, and in many cases that means a ¾ or ½-size version. Is your child ready for an upgrade? Children grow fast, so there’s a good chance a smaller instrument is no longer an ergonomically correct one – and that can lead to bad playing habits and overuse injuries.

Then there is the potential that your child’s playing ability has surpassed the instrument they currently play. Upgrading to a higher-level instrument can make all the difference in sound quality and nuanced tone, which gives them more confidence as a string musician.

Visit Connolly Music  and search our Revelle inventory. We have high-quality instruments for students at all levels, and all are competitively and reasonable prices.

Durable and comfortable instrument case

Is your favorite string musician’s instrument case looking worse for wear? Cases are a string instrument’s first line of defense against damage, excess wear-and-tear, and weather. Innovative instrument cases are light, comfortable, durable and weather resistant. They also offer plenty of storage space for music and instrument accessories. For example, your gift of a Revelle’s CrossTECH Violin Case would make an amazing gift for a lucky player at any age or level.

A generous supply of string replacements

String musicians need to replace their strings at least every six months. As students’ progress, they’ll want to replace strings more frequently to maintain impeccable sound quality. While strings are a relatively inexpensive investment, every dollar counts when you’re a student or a beginning professional musician. Supplying string musicians with an ample supply will be much appreciated. Click Here and select the relevant instrument to view a generous supply of string replacements from Thomastik-Infeld. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Personalized and/or spectacularly adorned Magic Rosin

For the past several centuries, rosin was a big, brownish or amber blob, secured in a container or applicator of some sort. It’s used to prepare bows – helping them to glide more smoothly across the strings while creating just enough grip for better sound resonance. Then, Magic Rosin came along.

Magic Rosin is a remarkable product that pairs clear, premium rosin with a notable dose of personality. From animals and artwork to holograms and mirrors – and even personalized rosins that display the player’s name or monogram – the visual options are endless. It also makes for a fun gift from music teachers to students since custom options allow you to include school colors, mascots or logos.

Humidifying tools

Fluctuations in humidity levels are dangerous for string instruments and bows. We preach this lesson continuously via our blog – like our post, …Don’t Let Humidity Ruin Your Instrument. This gets tricky because humidity matters on both ends – too moist and too dry are both equally threatening.

Boveda makes a selection of de/humidifying products that are maintenance free, so string musicians don’t have to worry about it. These 2-way humidity control packs might be an afterthought for younger musicians, but they’re integral to the life of their instrument. Receiving Boveda packs as a gift is a great way to put their worried minds at ease and cross one more “need it but don’t get around to it,” item off their list.

An iTunes gift card

It’s important that we honor professional musicians’ work by paying for it, and it’s also important that young string musicians have access to professionally recorded music from their favorite string musicians to stimulate their inspiration and aspirations. An iTunes gift card – with some suggestions of albums, solos or artists to check out – gives them a way to access new albums and to support their professional heroes.

You could also include a list of “helpful apps” for musicians and/or their instruments so they can look for those on iTunes too.

Check out, 10 Can’t-Miss Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers for more holiday gift ideas, many of which are available from Connolly Music. We’ve provided the finest-quality string instruments and accessories to musicians around the world for more than 40 years.

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